Current Trends For the Home

Today, current home trends lean toward a simpler more efficient lifestyle.   From wall coverings to energy efficient appliances, trends are set in home remodeling and design just as they are in fashion, entertainment and elsewhere.   Realtor Magazine recently published an article on current home trends.   Not surprisingly, most are geared toward cost effectiveness, energy efficiency or reducing stress.   The past few years of enduring a recession and a housing bust have made people want to get down to  basics and live a simpler life.   These priorities have filtered into the home and corresponding lifestyle.

Current trends in home design include neutral colors, like white and beige, which are more calming than bright vibrant colors.   Energy efficient appliances like refrigerators and cook tops are also being used more frequently as they are better for the environment and, in the long run, the wallet.   In order to keep the calm, people are also adding relaxation rooms to their homes; from everything  to  complete spa rooms to a simple massage chair.   A designated place to unwind helps erase stress and add to the home™s value at the same time.

Click here for a complete look at current home trends.


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