The Evolution of Pinterest for Real Estate Marketing

Pinterest for Real Estate Marketing

Pinterest for real estate marketing has recently begun to emerge as a new, innovative source for driving clients and consumers to your website.  As can be expected, numerous organization are now advertising seminars and workshops to teach real estate agents how to better utilize this aspect of social media.  What you should understand is that Pinterest for real estate marketing can be a huge waste of time if done ineffectively.  On the other hand, properly using Pinterest can provide fast and unheard of rewards  for real estate marketing.

How Professionals Employ Pinterest for Real Estate Marketing

For most real estate professionals, Pinterest serves three marketing functions:

1. Create exposure with beautiful pictures.

2. Obtain links back to your site from a site with a high page rank –

3. Boost levels of sharing to arrive at the well trafficked

This concept was very similar to Flickr when it first arrived.  Flickr also saw unfounded success and web traffic, of which many were professionals seeking exposure and links back to the originator’s site.  However, when Flickr changed links to “no follow”, the appeal died off for many professionals.

The same has not yet happened to Pinterest for real estate marketing as Pinterest has properly managed follow versus no follow links.  Using Pinterest for real estate marketing with the intent of creating links requires that you add your specific url into the comment sections of Pinterest.  This will create a link back to your site and allow you to obtain a high authority link.  This, of course, isn’t ideal as the link is not associated with an anchor text.  However, it well help with authority in the long run.

Why Would Flickr Change Links from Follow to No Follow?

From Flickr’s perspectives, they needed a certain amount of traffic from businesses and professionals to engender support from actual consumers.  They also needed content, which is what many businesses and professionals provided.

With the incentive that better pictures meant better exposure, better sharing, and more links (for SEO) back to their site, businesses had incentives to provide quality content to Flickr.  Pinterest has found a strong balance between follow and no follow and have continued to foster the type of motivation most small businesses need to keep providing high-quality content.  Pinterest for real estate marketing will continue to thrive as long as this relationship exists.  Businesses and professionals need to believe that the content their providing will lead to better marketing and more leads.  If it continues to stay the way it is, Pinterest for real estate marketing will enable agents to quickly move up on search engine rankings.

Pinterest for Real Estate Marketing

Is Pinterest in Real Estate Marketing Truly Useful as an Agent?

It’s difficult to tell if real estate agents will see value added with Pinterest.  As a Seattle real estate agent myself, I found Pinterest to be an excellent tool for driving traffic to my site.  For example, I would comment on a couple of pictures at and would see around 2,000 visitors that day for only a handful of links.  However, these type of visitors are typically not the leads an agent wants.

For, Pinterest in real estate marketing will provide people across the US, not specific to the locality you care about.  Perhaps if Pinterest evolves to develop ad space with usage of cookies to pinpoint localities, then real estate agents could leverage these kind of leads.

What Business Properly Uses Pinterest in Real Estate Marketing

I will say that there are a few real estate businesses that are able to effectively utilize Pinterest in real estate marketing.  Most of this success stems from an already established brand name.  The Corcoran Group, for example, has a strong Pinterest brand as the type of photos Corcoran provides are of a certain quality – luxury.  Luxury real estate agents have the benefit of great photography and quality images are the core of Pinterest for real estate marketing.  Moreover, luxury agents thrive on lifestyle and high-end that is also very popular within Pinterest circles.

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  1. Great article… the challenge is certainly looking for local traffic. I’ve been really trying to think about how… and I think the best way is to find people and businesses that are local and just start liking and commenting on their pins.

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