Materials for Making Decorations for Special Occasions


decorationsHomemade decorations can be fun to make and can look fantastic. There are many types of decorations that you can create for weddings, Christmas and parties using different materials. Making decorations can even be used as an activity for children.

Decorations for weddings, Christmas and parties can be costly, but with some thought and creativity it is easy to create your own which can be much less expensive. The internet and books can provide numerous ideas on how to use decorations to create a theme or brighten up a room for your special occasion.

Craft materials available to create decorations include fabric, glitter, paint and different types of paper. Tissue paper is an ideal material for making decorations. While the more traditional use of this versatile material is for packing items to protect them in the post or for packing clothes to protect them in transit, it can also be used as a craft material. There are many different sizes available and types include coloured, luxury, metallic and printed.

Decorations for weddings

Flowers are traditionally used to decorate wedding venues and while they look beautiful and suit the occasion they can be extremely expensive. There are some good homemade alternatives to flowers that won’t break your budget. Tissue paper can be used to create flowers that emulate carnations or even roses. This type of paper is available in many different colours to suit your theme. It can also be used to make white or coloured pom poms to hang from the ceiling. Clever use of fabric on chairs and tables and even on walls can be very effective and add to the theme of the day.

Christmas decorations
Homemade Christmas decorations are fun to do and can add sparkle to your festivities. You can tailor the decorations to your home and to your own tastes. Paper chains are easy to make and if you use different coloured paper or even metallic paper they can look fantastic. Large snowflakes can be made from white paper. Just cut out a circle, fold a few times and then cut snowflake shapes and fold out again. They look very seasonal when you stick them on the window and children will find them easy to make. A Christmas wreath to hang on your door can be made easily at home using greenery from the garden, along with pine cones and ribbons.

Party decorations
Bunting is a great way to brighten up a house or garden for a party. Triangles of fabric can be cut out and sewn on braiding to be hung both outside and inside. Pom poms made of different coloured paper can be hung to create party ambience. Children can enjoy helping to make the pom poms and you could even use it as an activity during the party.

There are many different materials you can use to create homemade decorations. Whether you are organising a wedding or party or making Christmas decorations, there are materials to suit all tastes and they can add a personal touch to any celebration.

AUTHOR BIO:  Suzannah Jones writes regularly on craft and decoration for a range of home and family websites and blogs. She lives in the United Kingdom with her two children and creates tissue paper decorations for special occasions for friends and family.

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