5 Tips On How To Create The Ideal Home


homeEveryone wants to live in the home of his or her dreams. They often want to have the design, set up and layout exactly as it would appear in their minds. The quest towards achieving this calls for a lot of research on the ideal architectural mechanisms in order to implement the idea accordingly. Professional help is important when it comes to this.

There are certain perimeters to cover in obtaining this.

 Site selection

The ideal home starts with the ideal property location. Some locations are in themselves a hindrance and hazard, some of which include wetlands like swamps and marshland, flood areas and wildlife habitats. Another aspect would be that the preferred site should be as convenient to daily life as possible, allowing access to public centers and ease of transportation in order to ensure the new home adds value in every way.

The best site selection areas are sometimes those that previously had homes on them as then; there could be certain adjustments that could be avoided like the installation on sewer systems, telephone lines and water lines.

Home orientation

The positioning of the home is one other important thing. It is important to find out where the home will be placed to ensure it will capture as much natural energy as possible. Consider a position that allows the home to have a good shade in summer and be in the best place to receive sunlight in winter. An east to west axis is best. The size of the home is another consideration in that the larger the home, the more energy requirements it will have. Storey set ups are the more preferred forms of houses as they occupy less space and conserve most of the energy the home would need.

The design and material to match it

One of the things to consider with design is the kind of material being used. The most appropriate materials are those that are recyclable, durable and require little if any maintenance. This is because there will be fewer reasons to carry out repairs in days to come. Focus on aspects like insulation and seal ducts to maintain the heat energy in the home. The overall design will also greatly influence how much light the home receives; consider having windows and doors made of transparent or translucent material like glass that will allow more light and consequently heat energy as well.

Access to resources

In the process of constructing, there is need to conserve the water points. During construction, there is likely to be soil erosion that results in a lot of run off when during the rainy and stormy seasons. In the end, these could ruin the water sources in and clog entry points to the home. In a bid to conserve the water sources, seek to have the landscaping done with native species of plants that would need less water-based maintenance. Harness rainwater through underground tank systems and gutter systems to ensure that many of the resources in the home are captured from nature and are not an added cost.

Make it airy

One of the main things to ensure is ventilation in the home is maintained and preserved. This is because free flow of air within the house ensures freshness and avoids health risks associated with lack of adequate air in many room.

There are the more common ways that include air conditioning systems. However, there could be more ways of enhancing natural ventilation in the home by having windows with eco friendly adjustments like adhesives and sealants. Other considerations should be environmentally friendly paints that do not give off toxic fumes.

Building the ideal home comes with many considerations. Many things come together and need to be considered harmoniously to achieve that end. With all the ways listed it is also imperative to know it pays to keep the entire process as environmentally oriented as then is guarantees a safer haven for living and a more affordable lifestyle at that.

Anna Mathews  is a home contractor who spends her time finding better ways of building eco friendly homes. She has taken the time to document much of his views and work. Her latest work has been centered on vineyard post awareness programs.

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