6 Points To Help You Keep Your Living Room Clean


living roomIf left unchecked, your living room can be the most untidy place in your house. This can happen overnight or can take weeks, months or even years. There is no need to mention what could happen if your living room is untidy. Focusing on the benefits of having an uncluttered and clean living room will motivate you to clean it regularly. It does not take much to clean your living room especially if you do it on a daily basis.

Here are a few points that can help you maintain it clean always.

1.      Vacuum cleaning and dusting

You should aim to vacuum your carpet and seats at least once a week to keep them always clean. Wipe the dust off your cabinets every day since it is easier to remove than when it has accumulated. Use an excellent vacuum cleaner that will remove all the dust from your carpet and coach. Use a clean piece of cloth and a mild cleaner to wipe the dust from the furniture.

2.      Keep everything at its place

You can keep your living room tidy by simply keeping each item at its place. For instance, keep all your magazines and newspapers stacked in one shelf. Once your magazines are terribly outdated, there is really no need of keeping them around. Take them to the recycling bin. In addition, have a place for your music and movie collection and make sure you keep them there.

3.      Use baskets for storage

If you are trying to keep your living room clean, then baskets are probably your best friends. You can place a few baskets stylishly around the room to keep all your remote together, magazines, books, stationary or whatever you feel should be in your living room.

4.      Take off your shoes, hats and coats

These are the main items that carry dust and other debris to your living room. Before you enter this room, you should take your shoes off and take them to the shoe rack. Hang your coat and hat where it is supposed to be. Living your coats, hats and shoes around will definitely make the room untidy and cluttered.

5.      Designate a mail center

Papers are the worst form of debris that can fill your living room. The main source of these papers is your mail order. Most of the mail you receive is junk mail so you end up putting it anywhere in the house. An effective solution would be to create a mail center where you put all your mail. Organize them according to importance then throw away the junk mail in to the recycling bin.

6.      Consider going minimalism

Today the world is embracing the concept that less is more. You might consider reducing the number of things in your living room to make it more spacious and less cluttered. Doing this will give you plenty of space to move around and less accidents will happen. It will also be easier to clean.

Plenty of benefits come with keeping your living room clean. If this room is clean, you will be inspired to be more hospitable and welcome people into your home regularly. As people visit your home, they will take you seriously and give you respect because they will see how your living room is well organized and clean. You will minimize or eliminate chances of tripping and falling over items on the floor and will feel comfortable and relaxed.

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