Combination Of Colors – A Guideline To Give Your Living Room The Perfect Color Combination


colorColor plays a vital part even in nature; it brings life out more clearly. It is the most constant thing in nature after air. Without color, life would be filled with black, white and shades of grey, boring colors especially if they became dominant in your life. People would be dull as the colors; at least that is what color psychologists and interior designers say. However, the truth is that color does affect your mood and the general atmosphere of the room, or area where you are.

Warm colors offer a feeling of warmth and joy while cold colors bring out ominous feelings and a feeling of laziness all around.

So what colors should you use in your living room to bring out the best look for you?

1.      Choosing the colors

First things first though, how do you choose the right color for your living room? How do you know it the best for your space and the best for you? There are a few ways you can determine which colors would best suit your living room these are

  • Using your favorite colors. This is what many people do, it is commendable because you would rather have a living room, and where you are comfortable sitting in and your favorite color will be the first step towards achieving this. After you set the color scheme of your living room to our favorite color, the other thing will be finding furniture that goes well with the color you have chosen.
  • Check, around to see your existing colors, this could be from the furniture, the rug and or the type of floor. In most cases, the rug takes pole position when deciding on the color combinations for the living room. This is because it is spread from one corner of the room to another, meaning its color is going to be the most dominant after the wall color.

The wall color is also going to determine the color scheme of the living room since it covers the whole room; it is by far going to be the biggest consideration when coming up with combinations for the living room.

2.      The best combinations

When it comes to interior design, it is more of what you imagine than what actually makes sense; that is to say, your imagination runs the day. You cannot be reserved, color schemes are about expressing yourself therefore though inhibitions keep you in check, you will have to let them out in order to get a color combination that makes you want to come home, and more importantly bring your friends home. The following are the most daring combinations you can use in your house:

  • Orange and green

This combination might be the boldest ever; the main reason is that these two schemes contrast from each other. They are what is called clashing colors because they can both come in intensities that disagree. However, the colors proposed here are calm orange and lime green; these two complement each other, especially if you are a lover of nature, these two bring out that feeling every day. You can enhance this feeling by having flowers and flowerpots in the living room.

  • Red and white

This combination brings out boldness, the red and white should complement each other in terms of brightness and intensity, this way no color is dominant over the other. You can achieve this by having one color on the sofa and the other on the rug; you can also have a red and white sofa with the carpet being one of the two colors. Bright colors bring out the illusion of light and are necessary in a living room where light is not easily accessible.

This combinations are not exhaustive, but they are an illustration of what you should go for, try to mix the colors to suit you and the condition of your living room. Consult an interior design and give them the ideas you have and being professional, they will walk you through how to achieve these combinations and turn your living room around.

 Author Bio: Anna is an interior decorator who offers consultation services. She runs her own company but explores her interests in writing by contributing on blogs. Read her latest work on sofas and see if it helps.

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