Important Tips to Follow When Creating a Home Theater


Home TheaterIf you are a movie lover, you have probably considered converting a room in your house into a home theater. The thought of having a theater all to yourself whenever you want to see a movie has probably made you salivate. If you are serious about creating your own at home theater, you may find a lot of planning is required in order to offer the movie going experience. Simply buying a projector and lining up recliners won’t create the theater of your dreams. Before you start building your theater, plan for these important aspects home theater building and make sure you get the results you have dreamt of.

Choosing the Proper Space

When you are building a home theater, it is important to choose the right space. Just because you have an empty room in your home, doesn’t mean it is the right place for your theater. There are a lot of deciding factors to consider when choosing the appropriate room. Here are just a few:

    • Space: When you choose a room, you must make sure there is enough space for everything you need. Decide how many people will use the theater and account for any guests. Will you have a snack area? Is there enough distance between the projector and the wall to allow for the best image possible? Is there room for the sound system to be out of harm’s way?
    • Proximity to Neighbors: Nothing ruins a movie night like the police knocking on the door. Before choosing which room you will build your theater in, take your neighbors into consideration. Having a midnight showing of The Rocky Horror Picture Show when your neighbors have to work in the morning might create a problem.
    • Acoustics: Where sound is concerned, you must take the very real fact that sound bounces into consideration. As sound hits a surface, it bounces, much like a ping pong ball. Therefore you must choose a room that will allow the sound to be directed. Square rooms will off better acoustics than a room that is shaped oddly, such as a room with an alcove or open closet area.
    • Treatable Surfaces: When you are building your theater, you will need to treat the walls with insulated panels. The most commonly used panels are 1 inch thick packed-fiberglass acoustic panels. These panels absorb the first reflection which is commonly the sound that bounces off the walls to the left and right of the speakers.
    • Lighting: In order to get the best picture possible from your projector, you will need as little light as possible. Rooms with very large windows could affect your image and make it hard to project. Even covering the windows is not always a guaranteed method of creating darkness.

Many home theaters are often built in the basement of the home. There are various reasons why this is ideal. The basement is often safe where your neighbors are concerned. They are less likely to hear the movie as you are underground and out of ear shot. Basements are also darker than other rooms in your home and usually only have a couple of small windows that can easily be covered. As most basements are rectangular, creating the desired acoustics for your home theater is fairly easy.

Seating and Line of Sight

As mentioned earlier, simply lining up recliners won’t make your home theater comfortable. If you are planning to have guests or the entire family enjoying the theater, you will need seating that will accommodate them all without interfering with their line of sight. This is often achieved with theater seating in a stadium style set up. It may sound difficult to achieve but it is fairly easy. By lining the first set of seats on the ground, you can create a raised platform for the seating behind it. This creates a second raised level of seating that will allow viewers in the back to look over those in the front.

The Snack Bar

Your theater experience can’t be complete without hot buttery popcorn or your favorite snacks. There are wide ranges of theater style snack equipment made for home theaters. Small popcorn makers, soda dispensers and even candy counters are available for purchase at affordable prices. However, when you are choosing where to place your snack area or the equipment to purchase, take your theater setup into consideration. Large popcorn makers with bright lighting can take the attention away from the movie as well as create interference with your projection.

Creating your own home theater can offer your friends and family a cheap and intimate alternative to going to the movies. If you are planning to build your own theater, be sure you take the time to plan it appropriately and research all of the much needed tips for creating it properly and you can create a movie going experience your viewers will cherish.

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