How to Increase the Value of Your Property


valueWith the housing market still in a state of flux due to the current financial climate, adding to the value of your home has become more important than ever. In addition to giving you a better standard of living, making home improvements is an investment. Always think to the future.

It may be a cliché, but first impressions really do last. When looking to add to the value of your home, the outside of the property is where you should begin. Even if the interior of a home is spotless, an exterior that has flaking paintwork and dirty fascia is not going to impress. Potential buyers can easily be put off by an unattractive exterior and pass by without even bothering to take a tour of the interior. UPVC fascia and soffits can be relatively inexpensive these days and add greatly to the attractiveness of a home. Touching up the paintwork on any side gates or garage doors that your property may have is a simple job. This will not make too much of a dent in your finances and can have an amazing effect on the look of your property’s exterior. Other little jobs that can go a long way in increasing the desirability of your home include neatly trimming any hedges or trees and making sure your driveway is weed free.

Depending on the size of the budget at your disposal, if your current windows and doors are looking a bit tired, you may want to consider changing them. It may seem obvious, but when choosing new UPVC windows and doors, make sure the design you decide on matches the rest of your property. Colour matching windows with existing or new fascia is extremely important in giving your home a neat, uniform look that potential buyers will be attracted to. Fitting new windows is a long-term investment in your home, so it is vital you get it right first time.

Once you have worked on the exterior of your house, it is time to move inside. As with the outside, just having a clean and tidy interior can make a difference to value. Ensuring each room is freshly painted is an important step and, once again, is a fairly inexpensive process. If you decided to install new UPVC windows and doors, these will obviously have a positive effect on the interior of your home too, making the rooms seem fresher and brighter. When it comes to improving the interior of your home, a good tip is to walk around each room with a notepad in hand, taking note of anything that requires repair or renovation. Every little helps, so just replacing a cracked tile, fixing a leaking tap or freshening up your skirting boards can make a monetary difference.

Adding to the value of your home is possible whatever your budget. Whether you are looking to sell your property or just want to improve the general look and feel of your home, completing just the simplest of tasks can make a difference to a property’s overall value.

Anna Mathews writes regularly on the subject of home improvement on a number of property websites and blogs. Her current number one recommendation for increasing a property’s value is the addition of new UPVC windows and doors.

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