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roofingFor most people, the idea of having roof work done is a major pain. Oftentimes exorbitant fees are involved, and the job itself can take weeks to accomplish. But for as much as the average home owner may dread the thought of fixing their roof issues, they usually have no idea the amount of stress the contractor is under as well. Contractors need to take into account a number of factors when planning a roofing job, such as size, slope, materials, skylights, chimneys and a whole host of other headaches. That’s why proper planning is crucial. Without it, both the contractor and home owner are in for a long and very bumpy road.

And while all good roofers have a time-tested and efficient system in place, that’s no reason to forgo the convenience of modern technology. These days even the mobile revolution can provide a much-needed assist to a beleaguered contractor in the form of carpentry-baed apps. Here are just a few popular iOS options for roofers.

Roofing Bid Estimator — $0.99

Roofing Bid is an invaluable tool for contractors, as it not only calculates overall cost, but the amount of materials and squares that are necessary as well as overhead and profit. Contractors can use these calculations to quickly produce exact bids that can then be emailed to the client straight from the app.

Roofing Calculator PRO — $19.99

Another comprehensive calculator, this app can be used by contractors and salespeople alike in order to estimate overall roofing costs. Roofing Calculator also provides detailed info regarding size and materials and allows the user to provide a job quote to the customer quickly and without the need to go back to the office.

Metal Roofing Calculator – free

This app provides those working in the specialized world of metal roofing with price information for various materials. These include standing seam panels, corrugated steel, aluminum shingles, steel shingles and tiles as well as zinc/copper roofing. The app also estimates replacement costs, taking into account the aforementioned considerations, such as roof size and slope as well as the presence of skylights or chimneys.

Perfect Roofing Calculator — free

This is a good option for professionals and DIY homeowners alike. The app calculates a roof’s perfect pitch via a wheel control in the interface. All the user has to do is manipulate the wheel to select the desired pitch and then enter basic data such as ridge width and roof span. The app will then take care of the rest.

Builders Calcs Timber – free

This is another calculator app that focuses on providing contractors with the data they need to determine joist sizes and roofing materials. The app accounts for just about every kind of tile a roofer could use, and it even provides info regarding timber sizes and nail quantities.

These are just a few app options for those who want to make that next roofing job run a bit more efficiently. The best part is that many of these apps can even be used by the average homeowner to calculate an accurate price quote. This should help them to get an idea of a fair price to pay for their next roofing job.

Roger Dyett writes from the Chicago area about roofing repairs for He enjoys learning about the latest trends for a residential roofing company in Illinois.

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  1. Great list! Our app “Pitch Gauge” is also pretty popular within the roofing industry. Not only does it include two digital pitch finders (one of which can be used from the ground) but it also includes a square calculator that can be used for a quick estimate. We’ll be sure to check out all of the other apps listed – thanks again.

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