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doorsThere is something primordially pleasing about returning to one’s home at the end of a long day. One knows that the family typically waits, possibly with small children squealing with delight at one’s arrival. Once the front door is closed, one can really begin to unwind. That is, of course, unless parental duties come next.

This could involve anything from helping children with homework, to getting them ready for dinner or even giving them a bath and making that desperate attempt to get them to go to sleep. But even with these tasks at hand, it is awfully comforting to be back in one’s own personal domain.

Most people go to great lengths, understandably, to make sure that they feel safe within the confines of their own home. It must be said; one cannot put a price on the feeling of being safe within the confines of one’s home. Depending on the neighbourhood, this can be achieved simply by having a solid and dependable front door, or may involve more elaborate measures, such as alarm systems or even security cameras. But most people would agree that, no matter what expense, is always better to feel safe than living with a slight apprehension all the time.

It All Starts with the Basics

What almost any passerby will notice first about any home is the front door. They may be attracted by a particular design, or colour, and if they’re more than just a casual passerby, but someone who has bad intentions on their mind, they may study it carefully to see if it might be easy to break into. For this reason, one should always invest in a quality, solid front door (as well as any potential rear doors) with solid locks, so that no harm can come to pass. For a wide variety of choices, one should go to www.todd-doors.co.uk/external-doors/ where they will find a tremendous selection, with just the right blend of style and cost to please everybody.

Ah, the French!

Everybody appreciates French doors; they are quite popular in most parts of the world. For one thing, they let a lot of light into the room, and they’re usually quite attractive, assimilating the landscape that can be found outside. But why call them French doors at all? Why not just English doors, and be done with it? The answer is quite simple, and as usual, involves a twist of historical fate. At the beginning of the 17th century, France found itself at war with Italy, especially in the northern regions, which was itself in the midst of the creative burst known as the Renaissance.

New ideas were being experimented with, new forms of expression evolving almost daily. The French brought some of those ideas with them, along with whatever loot they could get their hands on (it’s no coincidence that the Mona Lisa hangs in the Louvre in Paris). This included the idea of a large window that would often open up to a balcony. The window soon evolved into a door, and sure enough, what we now know as the modern French door came into being.

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