How To Become Your Own Interior Decorator


An ordinary home can look and feel like a mansion when proper interior  decoration is practiced. Meanwhile, a small apartment unit can transform into a  functional and capacious abode with some professional tips. From the paint color on walls to the carpet patterns, these little things largely contribute to your entire living environment. However, hiring a professional decorator costs money with unknown results. If you lack the finances or simply wish to save money, you can still easily become your own interior decorator. While attaining the level of experience and skill set of a professional takes months and even years, here are some tips and pointers that could cut down the learning process to a few days – read on to find out more!

Understand the Job

Know what the field of interior design and decoration is all about. Though it appears like an easy and simple job, you’ll immediately find out that it isn’t. There are many aspects one must consider prior beginning a DIY project. You will need to know more than how to design or occupy a space. For instance, you will have to fully understand flammability and toxicity regulations and  policies implemented by the state, how to read blueprints, and communicate well with others. Commercial interior designers often discuss projects with engineers, architects, and their customers. In a DIY case, you’ll have to communicate clearly and effectively with friends and relatives who you’ve asked for help.


Colors are one of the most important facets of decoration. Designers use paint to make the mood of the venue interesting and fit for its function. For instance, bright colors like orange and yellow are used in a child’s room or playroom to induce a calming and positive effect. Meanwhile, darker colors like red, black, and purple are used to set a romantic or intimate mood for a master bedroom. The ceiling can be painted a simple white or with the same shade as its bordering walls to make furniture pieces stand out.

Choice of Furniture

Combine old and new pieces to produce a professional layout. Avoid buying new pieces just to coordinate it with your existing set. Create a more intriguing environment by mixing furniture styles and using different colors to fuse them together. For example, a modern brown sofa with red chairs can be combined with red pillows. For that extra frill, add 1 antique article, with a different
shade such as blue or green.


It is important to achieve balance, by choosing pieces and colors that will be combined in one room or space. For example, if an area has dark colored walls and floors, use lighter shaded furniture pieces and vice versa. Balance sizable furniture pieces on one side of the area with a relative piece on the opposite side.

When decorating your home’s interior, choose minimal items for better results. You don’t need the most expensive dining set or the largest and brightest colored items to emulate a luxurious design. Keep it simple and functional. By following these tips and tricks, you can become your own interior decorator in no time!

Rebbecah Baylor writes about design, business and the arts and how to find the best online web  design schools.


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