Factors to Consider when Choosing a Real Estate Broker


real estateReal estate agents and brokers are a dime a dozen. There are more of those in almost any other profession, so you must be diligent when hiring one for a purchase or a sale of property. Many key factors to consider when looking at a prospective Real Estate Broker seem like common sense, but the little things are the important things many anxious folks overlook.

Work Ethic
Invest your time and energy in an agent that is punctual, returns your calls promptly and always treats you with the utmost respect. While you may eventually become friends, do not shop for an agent that wants to “be your friend” and comes across that way. They work for YOU. Get a feel for them on the phone first, make sure you give them some parameters to go on regarding what you are looking to buy or sell, then set up a meeting where they come to your house or office. If they show up on time for that first scheduled meeting, you are off to a good start, if they show up a bit early, you are off to an ever better start.


Make Sure They Have a Plan
If you have a prospective agent that shows up and just stumbles around your property that you are looking to sell, looks it over and says what they could do, lose them immediately. If, on the other hand, they show up with business cards, brochures from their business, recommendation letters from previous clients, and a ready plan on how they will strategize to sell your property, they are worthy of your trust. Likewise, if they come with some ready printouts of properties on the market that align with what you are looking to buy, if you are a buyer, they did some legwork before they even got hired by you and that is what you want — dedication.

Do They Think Out of the Box?

Some realtors are very good at selling your property or finding you a new home if people come to them with traditional ideas. Very few are able to think of alternative ideas if the buyers they bring in, for instance, are perhaps on the fence about buying your property. Find one that will come up with something like a “offer to sell” to the buyer instead of waiting for them to come to you with the “offer to purchase”. It’s an alternate idea to waiting, where you the seller actually present the buyer with a “contract” at a lower price than listed, just for them alone, instead of lowering the asking price of the house for all. A good real estate broker will think of unusual ideas such as this.
Always remember at the end of the day as well, that even if you have signed a contract with a Real Estate Broker that says they have the property for a certain amount of time, you can ALWAYS fire them and get out of the contract. Every reputable agency has forms that take five minutes to fill out and cancel the process if you do get an agent with whom you are unsatisfied. Don’t be afraid to use that option if you are not getting anywhere with your current Real Estate broker as there are too many good ones out there that will produce the results you want in the time frame you need to settle and let days tick away just because of a piece of paper.

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