Top 4 Tips To Decorate Your Sporty Kids’ Room


decorateYou have this bouncy 5 year old that is forever going on about football and how well he plays and how he has scored a goal just recently. The very mention of this game brings a cheer on his face. And his birthday is coming up! We all know how difficult it is to find gifts for boys, be they any age! So while you are at it, why not do up his room? And what is the theme? Why, football, of course! But how do you begin this huge task? Well, if you look at it, it’s rather very simple! Keep reading to know-how:

1. Start from the basics

Your kid loves football, both playing and watching. So first do up his room so that all his football laurels have a proud place there. You can get his certificates framed and hang them on the empty wall. And you can have this big picture of him in football jerseys over his bed. The rest of the room can be done up in his favorite players’ pictures. To top it off, gift him a football!

2. Keep the personality traits in mind

But let’s not just get carried away with your footballer sons. Your daughter too is great at athletics and she’s the junior schools’ cutest cheer leader! It is fun what you can do for them too. Put up some rubber flooring in their room. It’s easy on the feet and joints, is a good sound absorber, prevents unnecessary injuries and wear and tear to their tiny bodies and is easier to maintain and clean. In fact your kid can maintain it herself.

3. Keep the room tidy

You need to make sure that all your kids’ sports gear isn’t lying all over the place. Have a cupboard installed in one corner of the room that is almost say 5 feet high and tell your kid that all sporting gear goes into that. So those jerseys, helmets, socks, shoes, bats, balls and what not all fits in there. It’s almost like replicating a school locker, only this one’s larger and has more room for all your kids’ stuff. Put up a cute poster on this locker- cum-cupboard and make it look all business-like. Kids love it when you take their passions seriously. You can also leave your tiny ‘To Do’ notes and help him getting organized and prepare him for future.

4. Pick the colors carefully

And if your kid has just started out with his choice of sport and is just learning his way around, do up his room in the colors of his favorite team! On one wall put a wall paper featuring his favorite player and the rest of the room can have a color code of the team’s jerseys. But be sure of his favorite team! Don’t let it backfire. To add the final touches, get pillow covers, bed sheets and bedspreads that match that theme. Get curtains that accentuate the rest of the room while letting in sufficient light. You can also get personalized show pieces such as a clock in the shape of a football or a cheerleader and the like. All this will add to the sporty appeal in the room.

Keep in mind all his likes and get little creative. This will surely help him stick to his room for at least a few hours every day.

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