5 Ways to Stage Your Home Like a Real Estate Professional


Getting ready to put your home on the market? Then, you’ve probably already been looking for ideas to give your home more curb appeal to potential buyers.

Outside of general home and property improvements, one of the best ways to encourage buyer offers is to stage your home. This is a common practice in the world of real estate that helps set the mood for open houses and showings, giving potential buyers the chance to see the full beauty of your home. Home improvement shows on television and popular design magazines have made home staging the focus of getting a house sold for a fair price, so obviously it’s a must do.

While you could pay someone else hundreds of dollars to stage your home for you, it’s also possible for you to do this yourself for just a fraction of the cost. In fact, staged homes often receive much better offers than those sitting vacant.

All it takes is a small investment and a creative mind to stage your home like a real estate pro, and get a great offer. Here are five genius ideas to get started now.

Create a welcoming entrance. The very first experience that visitors have to your home will be a lasting one. Therefore, you’ll want to take time creating an entrance that is welcoming and appealing to all types of buyers. Clean up the front yard and walkway first, and add a classic touch like topiary or a fresh wreath near the door. Next, add a large mirror, soft lighting, and some fresh flowers in a vase in the entryway, which will give guests a chance to “see” themselves in your home.

Go for impact. Remember, your goal is to “wow” potential buyers when they walk through your home. One great way to do this, and to create a feeling of spaciousness in your home, is to add a large piece of wall art on one wall of your great room. Choose something that makes an impact and gives buyers an opportunity to imagine their belongings in your home.

Use neutral design colors. Before you start painting your walls in the latest designer pallet, consider that most buyers prefer to see neutral wall colors when evaluating a home. This is because they intend to choose their favorite colors for the home later on. Go with a neutral color scheme on walls, furnishings, and window coverings whenever possible.

Mix modern and eclectic. Any potential buyer may not appreciate walking into a house filled to the brim with antiques. Nor will they want to see a lack of warmth due to too many contemporary items. To best stage your home the way the real estate professionals do, you’ll want to pick up pieces in a variety of styles to suit many different home décor tastes. For example, try a contemporary couch in a simple line with a mix of pillows in different fabrics, and a vintage figurine on a nearby table.

Hide and disguise. No house is without its unique flaws, but you can easily disguise them in clever ways as you stage your home. Choose soft drapes to cover up open closets or ugly sink vanities. Use area rugs to disguise worn out floors. Or use the placement of furnishings, decor and lighting to draw the eye to the best spaces in your home.

About the Author: Jen D’Angelo is a real estate professional specializing in homes for sale in the Chicago suburbs. When she’s not writing, Jen enjoys gardening and hot yoga.

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