For Survivors: Cold War-Era Bomb Shelter in Florida for $499,500


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We’ve told you that the survival real estate market is still very much alive despite numerous failed predictions of apocalypse in the past few years. But if you need more proof, here you go. For just under half a million bucks, you can snap up a bomb shelter in St. Lucie County, Fla., that’s designed to keep people alive for at least 30 days after a nuclear attack. You, however, can spend eternity there.

The bomb shelter was built by AT&T in 1967 during the Cold War. Prompted by the Cuban Missile Crisis, when the Soviet Union and the U.S. neared a nuclear precipice, the telephone company planned to use the shelter in the case of attack to house those personnel who could keep electronic communications going, WPTV in West Palm Beach, Fla., reported. Hoyt Murphy, the Realtor representing the listing, says the 7,700-square-foot bomb shelter is made from 30-inch-thick, steel-reinforced concrete and outfitted with industrial springs to minimize the effect of a nuclear blast. It’s also been rigged with 200-kilowatt generators, massive air-intake tunnels and even a custom ventilation system.

Although the property was abandoned in the 1980s and vandalized soon after, the bunker’s shelves still hold emergency supplies.

“It’s the most interesting and unique property we’ve had for sale,” Murphy told AOL Real Estate. “It has so much potential. People have been looking to repurpose it as a home, which has its challenges. Some people see it as the ultimate man cave. It could also be a storage space.” Murphy says that in the six months the bunker has been on the market, he has already been approached by some “seriously interested” parties. Murphy said that some potential buyers have already been in talks with architects about creative ways to transform the space. (Anyone have a spare $499,500 to help us buy it for AOL Real Estate’s new headquarters?)

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