8 Reasons Why an Attic is a Home Value Booster


You’ve seen it before, a bunch of screaming kids running all over the house to escape a masked murderer and they run straight for the attic. Big mistake right? The kids turn into chopped pastrami and are never heard of again. Because of these really horrific scenes of gore, attics get a very bad rep and are not really thought to be a value booster in terms of real estate appraisal. But don’t slash the attic out of the running just yet. The attic is a very valuable booster to any home. Here are 8 reasons why.

  • Space, space, space. I don’t know of anyone who said no to extra space. Attics are a great place to store your keepsakes that you can’t really let go of and have saved from numerous garages sales. It keeps these keepsakes in a dry safe place. Just guard your items against mold and mildew, termites, and rats.  You can place them in plastic bags that can be vacuumed so that they remain airtight.
  • Have more guests over.  Your attic can be converted into an extra guest bedroom. Think it’s too cramped? Add stylish skylights to have an appearance of height and depth. There are so many ways to make the attic so much more comfortable. Put in a view from the bed. Your friends will be begging to stay at your home the next time they visit.
  • Work from home. Refurbish your attic with a desk, a printer, strong wifi signal and everything else you need to work. Your boss will be impressed that you are so productive even if you are at home. He’ll be even more impressed when you say that you get more work done in peace and quiet in your own attic office.

  • IMAX at home. Reclining chair. Check. Home theater system. Check. HD movie. Check. Unlimited popcorn and drinks. Check. So it’s not really an IMAX movie theater, but, at the privacy of your own home, date night movie Fridays are no longer the crowded, noisy, and cramped experience you have known it to be.

  • No sweat.  Can’t afford a gym membership every month? Or rather, can’t afford to be a member of a gym and only use it’s sauna privileges for months on end? You can fashion your attic into a gym. And even if your idea of a gym is a yoga mat, a flat screen TV, and a yogilates DVD, this beats cueing for the treadmill and exercising in front of strangers.
  • Books only. Have an inner bookworm in you? Just want the kids to actually be doing homework and not be on their phones and laptops doing “homework”? In this books only zone, you can be rest assured that knowledge and learning take center stage.

  • Release the inner fashionista. Every girls dream is to have a walk in closet that will display all the pretty things they have shopped for. This is something that will greatly boost the value of any real estate property. Have a really large attic? Have your own private runway!
  • Don’t panic. Some homes have this ready made. Some homeowners actually ask for a Panic Room specifically made. Because people can’t really be too sure these days, it is best to use every precaution. Panic rooms are usually disguised and hidden and are accessible through one place. Some Panic Rooms have an exit that leads outside. Panic Rooms can be designed according to one’s desired use.

With the help of an architect you can make the attic so much more than just another storage space or extra room. Given much thought and planning, your attic can be so much more than just a regular old attic. It can even be your favorite room in your entire home.

Author Bio: +Lara Seers is a real estate agent for properties in Queensland. She presents buyers with several options and describes each property in full detail to make it easier for them to make the best choice.


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