Salahi Winery Headed To Foreclosure Auction


WASHINGTON — It’s already been a bumpy 2013 for now-divorced Tareq and Michaele Salahi — Tareq announced his “Crash the Vote” campaign for Virginia governor, then learned a company he founded owed $34,000 in unpaid limo bills, while Michaele and fiancé Neal Schon won a retraction from The Daily Mail after claims the Journey lead guitarist left his ex-wife and children “so broke they can’t buy food.”

Things are only getting worse now that the Salahis’ Hume, Virginia, winery is scheduled to be sold at a foreclosure auction May 11.

A listing for the auction of Oasis Winery assesses its value at $1,667,200 and makes note of the 102-acre property’s 9,600-square-foot cellar, “Trophy and Awards Room” and three bathrooms.

All may not go as planned, however. A message on Oasis Winery‘s website states plans to fight the auction:

Oasis Winery® will take action against US Bankruptcy Court & Mr. Bill Walker of Walker Commercial for Real Estate Fraud and unauthorized use of protected Registered Marks and Trademarks. Any person that participates unlawfully in this fraud including bidding at any auction not authorized by Salahi Family Trust or Oasis Winery® will be included in any and all legal actions pending.

The Washington Post notes that Oasis was “once one of the most popular in Northern Virginia.” Oasis’ site claims it is rated top 10 in the world.

While we wait to see whether Oasis is successfully sold to the highest bidder next month, here are 5 other Virginia wineries for sale. Any buyers?



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