Tips to Identify Malfunctioning Hot Tub Circuit Boards


The hot tub circuit board is the most important component of a hot tub or spa. It controls the main functions of the unit which includes the heating element or the pump. The circuit board controls and monitors the functions of various components in the tub. However, due to excessive humidity, usage and damages, the circuitry board starts to degrade and malfunction. It is important to replace malfunctioned circuit boards as quickly as possible. It is vital to replace the entire controller rather than only the circuit board as it is quite economical.

Diagnosis of Spa Circuit Board Malfunction

Cold water: Although there are many reasons for incorrect temperature reading and cold water in the spas, one of the most potential reasons may be due to the malfunctioning of the circuit boards. Incorrect temperature readings may be caused due to damaged thermostat.

Problems with the spa motor: Sometimes the spa takes more than a few minutes to shut down which indicates a malfunction. The spa motor can also be affected due to a malfunctioned heating unit. The motor will continue to function if the unit is unable to achieve the desired temperature. A faulty circuit board can also cause problems if it has lost the power to deactivate the motor.

Problems with the circuit breaker: If the circuit breakers connected to the hot tubs trip frequently, then there is a serious issue with the hot tub. It indicates a serious malfunctioning problem with the pump or the heater of the spa. However, this issue could be related to the malfunctioning of the circuit board. This problem can arise if the circuit board is unable to regulate the components of a spa efficiently. It is quite pertinent to seek professional assistance if the circuit breaker trips frequently as it can lead to permanent damages to the spa or a fire hazard.

There are different types of spa circuit boards available in many of the online stores. However, it cannot be interchanged as different spas require different parts. The Master Spa circuit boards can be bought easily through online stores.

Most often circuit board malfunctions may not be caused due to the circuitry problem. There can be malfunctioning problems with the controller. So it is quite important to seek professional advice before changing the circuit board. Most of the owners prefer to change the spa controller unit for extended durability and performance.

It is important to choose the right replacement components for hot tubs for proper functioning. There are specific replacement circuit boards manufactured by companies. However, some of the companies manufacture generic boards which can be used by some of the hot tubs. Nevertheless, it is important to use precise replacement parts to avoid internal damages to the hot tubs.

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