Creating an Efficient and Practical Kitchen

The equipment you choose for your new kitchen can make all the difference to your home or restaurant. Planning a new kitchen gives you the opportunity to make your business more efficient and increase profits. We review the essential items for your kitchen below.

Dual Fuel Range.
Powerful electric fan ovens combined with gas burners are the choice of many caterers. The rapidly heating ovens allow for powerful roasting and baking, while the hob can have as many gas rings as you need, brilliant for cooking different dishes simultaneously.

A high quality grill is an essential item of kitchen equipment for the modern home kitchen. In fact, if something happens to your grill, you have no option but to order another immediately from a next day catering supplier. Grills can be gas or electric, they are equally efficient.

Extraction Canopy.
These are needed to keep your kitchen free from fumes and unwanted vapours. Efficient extraction systems also prevent the needless build up of greasy deposits in your kitchen and make cleaning much easier.

Many owners of home or restaurant and hotel kitchens swear by pass-through dishwashers, which have a very high output, ideal in a busy kitchen. These are available in various sizes and are designed to wash kitchen utensils, pots, boxes, baking trays and many more items.

Large capacity fridges and freezers are essential for storage of perishable foodstuffs. As food safety legislation demands frequent recording of fridge and freezer temperatures, it may be wise to choose equipment with surface temperature displays.

Although you may prefer not to use a microwave oven as a general part of your catering operation, no home or restaurant or hotel kitchen can afford to be without one. Emergencies happen in the best kitchens and you may need to reheat a dish or complete cooking unexpectedly. It is worth investing in a high wattage oven for speed.

Food Mixer.
Every commercial kitchen needs a heavy duty mixer for mixing pastry, cakes, dough and other items. If you use powdered sauces or similar foodstuffs in your operation, they are useful for mixing these as well. The capacity you choose will depend on the type and amount of items you expect to use the mixer for.

Food Processor.
You may need a dedicated veg prep machine capable of dicing, slicing, French fries, grating, dicing and julienne slicing, but many people choose a dual-process machine that can also mince, chop, blend and grind food items. As with much catering equipment, the more expensive machines often have a higher output.

Counter top fryers are a must in any hotel kitchen. Double tank fryers are more versatile, as you can use both tanks when busy and just one in quieter periods.

Using a thermostatically controlled griddle is the best way to cook crepes, but it can be used for cooking many other items as well. Bacon, steaks and chops are easy and quick to cook on a griddle.
There are many items of kitchen equipment available, but the above represent the essentials. Other pieces of equipment can be added as finances allow.

Anna Mathews writes regularly on hospitality issues for many hotel and catering websites and magazines. A former chef, she also tests kitchen equipment for next day catering suppliers.


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