8 Trendy Luxury Gadgets for Fashion Week


Everything, everywhere, is getting fashion inspired, even the world of gadgets. There are a number of trendy gadgets that can easily attract anyone’s attention. Below are mentioned 8 of the best luxury gadgets for fashion week that you will surely fall in love with.

Amazing Laptops
Slim and speedy laptops are so much in fashion and the Acer Aspire S3 laptop is a perfect example of the same. It is inspired by the MacBook Air and its design has a modern touch. Yet another thing that you will surely like about the Acer laptop is its Core i7 – processors. Other features offered includes two USB ports, about 4 GB RAM, and options of SSD and HDMI-out. The aluminum lid of Acer Aspire which has a brushed look adds to its appearance. As far as cost is concerned Acer Aspire is more economical compared to MacBook Air, and thus more preferable.

Exquisite Speakers

Speakers are gadgets that you use in your day-to-day life. However, the style and fashion world has transformed it completely, in a beautiful way of course. The best example would be D&W Aural Pleasure Speakers. You can get these speakers in silver and bronze. Moreover, the speakers are also available in 18 K Gold, making it absolutely exquisite. Each unit of the speakers has three drivers, and you can also get adjustable chrome stands for them.

Trendy Tablet
Yet another gadget that deserves your attention is the Sony Tablet S. it has an exclusive design which perhaps is inspired by a folded magazine, and this is what makes the tablet look so attractive. The tablet has its own music and video services and you can also enjoy playing many games on it.

Attractive Flash Drive
The Magic Mushroom flash drive also deserves a mention in the list of best luxury gadgets for fashion week. As suggested by the name, it is a mushroom-shaped flash drive with real gems embedded. Not only can you store date in this flash drive, you can carry it with you and make everyone envious. This flash drive has a 32 GB storage capacity and thus can store lots of data.

Stylish Camera
If you love clicking photographs then you surely will love the features of the amazing Olympus Pen E-P 3. This is no other ordinary camera, as it has the quickest auto focus and a perfect OLED touch screen. The scene mode of this camera has 24 options and around 10 art filters. Your images are bound to look more beautiful owing to the color boosting function of the camera.

PlayStation in Gold
If you like everything grand then the Sony PlayStation Supreme is something you cannot afford to miss. The PlayStation is designed in gold with the disk entrance area having diamonds of 0.50 carat. There is only limited number of editions available for this PlayStation.

Dynamic Headphones

If you like dynamic headphones, then you will love the Philips L1 version. They have high-definition neodymium drivers. The band and the outer shell have a leather coating. The best thing about these headphones is its foam cushions which can be molded so as to experience complete comfort. The headphones has an inline remote with a microphone and volume controls.

Grand Hard Disk
It is difficult to imagine a hard disk having a grand outlook. Well, technology has advanced enough to offer you what you had never imagined. Hard disks made of real sapphires are available in the market. The best thing is these hard disks can actually last a million years. Thus, you can consider this as a lifetime investment.

So, if you want gadgets that not only offer the best services but also looks extremely stylish and attractive, these 8 wonderful luxury gadgets are exactly what you have been waiting for.

Author Bio- This post has been written by Tressy Jones. She loves to write about various aspects of Fashion and Technology. She prefers and recommends makemechic.com for buying best bamboo heels.


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