Spice Up Your Home With the Power Of Fresh Air


Summers are around the corner, rejoice, as you can now enjoy the fresh air because cold gushing winds have retreated and there will be no more threat to your health. The fresh air can be enjoyed in any home but not from those with windows painted shut. If you happen to live in one of those airless caves, open that window and allow some fresh air to flow in. Few things can beat the feelings of fresh air blowing inside your home and refreshing you.

Open your Home to Fresh Air:

Following lines explain how you can convert your airless cell into a well-ventilated home.

  • Open Doors:

There is something unique and extraordinary about open doors. Fresh air breezing through, the welcome it offers to guests and wideness it gives to home are the reasons to keep your door open whenever you can. Whether your door is Victorian or Edwardian, an open door always invites and open-air-living reaches all styles as a delightful way to live.

  • Screens:

Screens turn out to be a blessing for those that want fresh air that does not accompany bugs. Therefore, if you already have screens installed on your windows and doors, fling them open. If they do not have any, make installing them your first priority.

  • French or Sliding Doors:

It is always magnificent to wake up to fresh air. You can make your bedroom a true treat by installing sliding or French doors. You can simply open the door when you wake up in the morning and get back to your bed to enjoy the ever refreshing breeze. You need not to keep your sliding door closed to keep intruders at bay only, open it to breeze whenever you can.

  • Large Windows and Doors:

When you plan to open your house to fresh air and breeze, always think bigger because the bigger the better. Large doors and windows can open up nicely to greet the mesmerizing natural world beyond. You can also accomplish the same with grand sliding doors and windows and in magnificent style.

  • Shades and Shutters:

If you fear that heat will accompany fresh air inside your home, you can built shades and use shutters to keep heat away. Keep your shutters open to the appearance of wide open windows. It is not a perfect substitute, but it is much better that a closed window concealed by heavy curtains.

  • Think Breeze in Mind:

Most of the houses nowadays are not built with the breeze in mind and it is a real shame. Allowing fresh air to circulate throughout your home freely will impart a sense of freedom and comfort to the surroundings even beyond the luxury of fresh crisp air. Therefore, it is better to keep ventilation in mind while building a new house or remodeling an already existing one.


Whether you open your door or window for an inch of fresh air or to fully grab the delights of your backyard, try to incorporate some fresh air in your house right from today. You just need to open your door or a bathroom window for few minutes in the morning and you will craze for those cool breezes.

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