Five of the best SEO Apps and Extensions for Google Chrome


There’s arguably no other site that matches up to Google’s SEO optimization. Google has a huge selection of search engines available on its site. However, despite its many search engine tools, Chrome is certain to make your search much easier. Chrome is a highly advanced tool that can effectively help you out with your SEO needs.

Google Analytics Debugger
The debugger comes in handy in complex configurations that need proper planning and detailed attention especially during copying and pasting which can pose as a challenge to accurate data. With a huge number of trackers, conflicts are inevitable usually because of the way they handle their cookies and what value is used for domain prefix. General analytics debugger solves problems of tracking by listing all current trackers according to Web ID and name of tracker which is then pasted on the code available for debugging. From this you are able to point out the conflicts available between the trackers.

SEOmoz Mozbar
Metrics that are so valuable to you can be viewed as you surf the Internet. You can customize your searches by engine, region and also a country and city of choice. This is the best option that provides the internal and external links with the keywords included by you. With seomoz, page elements are exposed quickly attributed to the analysis by page overlays.

Google Reader
What a better way to look for and track down stuff that interests you on the web other than by using Google reader. By subscribing to the websites that you enjoy most, you can also keep up with what’s new. Updated content is fed to your google reader when posted, so you don’t have to visit particular sites to look for that much needed information. Items you have read all tracked while unread items are not interfered with in any way. Whatever time or day you choose to read your unread items, you’ll still find them intact. The reader can then mark them as read.

Freebug Lite
Chrome interface usually includes the popular firebug development tool which helps with inspection and modification of HTML. After inspection of the targeted web face, it is cleared then reset. Navigation buttons cans also deactivate the freebug lite at any current page while allowing the program to open in a pop window which can be moved around independent of Chrome. Fibre lite chrome is very beneficial to chrome and integrates well with it.

SEO Quake
Increase your marketing efforts by positioning your website using SEO Quake which is capable of digging far into the search result rankings. Analysis of ranked pages, links and information details is easily done by SEO Quake resulting in exposure of data about sites and pages. With a colourful pack, the toolbar is usually installed on the Firefox’s window. By clicking on any of the icons on this toolbar, you immediately be able to know the number of visitors to your site, their country of origin including cities. SEO quaker is a popular analytical tool that’s easy to install and takes only a few seconds to install.

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