5 Must-Have Tools Every New Home Owner Must Own


When you get your own place, it is important to know a little bit of DIY. Do-it-yourself can help to get you out of a few tricky situations, especially when it comes to your household infrastructure. You want to make sure that you can fix a small probably as quickly as possible without having to call in a contractor. This is why a lot of people are going to make sure that they have a tool box available. Of course, it is important to make sure that you have the right tools. There is a list below of some of the most important tools that you should have in your tool box. It is also important for you to make sure that you find good quality tools. You can now end up saving money on your tools if you decide to take a look at HomeDepot.com coupons. These coupons will allow you to get a discount on top quality tools that will help you out when you are in a tight situation.

The Hammer

The hammer is one of the most basic tools that most people will use. It is often used to drive in nails, but it can be used for other tasks as well. Hammers can help you to make sharp edges blunt, and the other side can be used to pull nails out of the wall. This is one of the most basic, standard tools that you will need to have in your box.

The Screw Driver

Screw drivers will help you to put in screws. It is usually a good idea to have a selection of different screw drivers available, as there are going to be different types of screw. Flatheads and star screwdrivers are probably the most common types and need to be in every box.

The Wrench

Wrenches are there to help tighten certain things, such as pipes. If you can do a little bit of DIY plumbing work, then it is important that you have a wrench available to help you with this. Sometimes, a lot of plumbing emergencies can be sorted out by the people living in the house.


While this may not seem like something you should have in a tool box, having a good pair of sharp scissors is always going to be a good thing. You never know when you may need to cut a wire (always cut a dead wire, however, never a live one). Even though you may not use scissors a lot in your projects, they are always going to be handy to have around.

Measuring Tape

If you are constructing something or putting something on the while, then it may be necessary for you to have a measuring tape. Regardless of whether you plan on using one, always make sure to have tape available. This is going to ensure that you do things correctly. You can even use Home Depot Coupons to make great savings on your home requirements purchase.


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