Add Big Value To Your House Through Latest Remodeling Trends


If you are looking to invest in remodelling and renovating your home, look for those projects that will not only add to the beauty of your house but will also increase its value. The real estate industry is going through real slump these days because not many people can afford the luxury of buying new homes due to current recession. Therefore, you need to spend some extra money to make your home more enticing for whatever buyers are available to you.

Remodelling Projects for Big Value:

Following are some easy to do remodelling projects that will add big value to your home.

  • Accentuate the Architecture:

The easiest way to draw eyes to existing furnishings is to use simple mouldings or trim to draw attention, for example, a stunning view from the window or a high ceiling. Furthermore, you can also use beaded boards to add timeless and breathtaking appeal. On the other hand, you can get an elegant traditional look by dressing a ceiling lighting fixture with a beautiful medallion.

  • Install a Bay window:

If you replace a normal window with a bay or bow window, you will let more natural light in your house rather than regular one, it will make feel room look larger and will create a stunning focal point. Furthermore, to draw attention to the new window and add a bit of functionality to the surroundings, consider using a built in window chair that will be an architectural attraction for buyers and a cosy reading spot for you.

  • Refinish Wood Floors:

Refinishing worn out wood floors is a convenient method to rejuvenate your home and increase its value. You just need to be prepared for facing few days of dust. Similarly it is a better option to completely replace the floor if it is extremely worn out or stained. In this regard, a great idea is to splurge on wide plank hardwood floors in foyers and living room and then repeating it in the bedrooms.

  • Revitalize Staircases and Foyers:

Foyers are the first part of your house that a potential buyer will come across and it is your only chance to make a strong first impression. You need to make it welcome the guest in terrific style. If complete replacement is impossible, consider using sprucing items such as splurging the entryway or improving staircases. Repaint risers and sand and re-stain treads. Furthermore, hanging elegant decorative items on the stair and foyers walls such as photo on canvas will also spice up the area.

  • Make Good Use of Wasted Place:

You can transform a plan wall into a big storage area and can also display the showcase by adding open shelves by cutting a dry wall to create a recessed niche. Furthermore, you can also add a display shelf above the kitchen window and cup hooks below upper cabinets. Remember that storage is one of the most important element potential buyers consider before making final decision.

  • Add a Fireplace:

The ambiance created by a fireplace cannot be rivalled by anything else. It creates a sensational focal point for the room in addition with adding warmth and beauty. You need to dress up the firewall with tasteful wood mental and a delightful surround, for instance, by hanging a beautiful artwork such as split canvas prints above the mental.


It is really difficult to sell your home these days and therefore, you need to spice up your home to make it stand out from the rest. In this regard, above mentioned tips will definitely help you to sell your house quicker.


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