Decorate Your Home With Touches Of Luxury


We all love a touch of luxury but as beautiful furniture and accessories can be expensive, find out how to add luxurious touches to your home without breaking the bank in the process.

Embrace Minimalism
It may seem counter-productive, but keeping interior furnishing and accessories to a minimum allows the more luxurious elements to shine. Whether you choose to blow your budget on an item of luxury furniture such as a great settee or a statement coffee table or mirror, give the piece plenty of space to allow it to ‘breathe’ and take centre stage.

Bare floorboards and plain walls create the impression of light and space, helping to draw the eye towards a focal point. Try to establish the focal point in each room and show it off to its fullest advantage. A distinctive mirror over a fireplace, for example, or an eye-catching rug create an immediate impression of luxury living.


Keep It Tidy
Clutter soaks up space and makes a room look shabby, so tidy everything away as far out of sight as possible. Scour second-hand shops for old trunks or chests that can be revamped and called into duty as conversation pieces whilst hiding a multitude of sins!

Collections of objects or photographs should be grouped together in odd numbers for the most favourable impact, but choose items to display with great care. A few select pieces can create a more luxurious impression than large and potentially overwhelming groupings.

Choose Sumptuous Fabrics
A shabby second-hand sofa can be given a whole new lease of life with the help of some pretty cushions. Choose luxe fabrics such as velvet, satin and fur and give the impression that you spent a lot more in the process. A gorgeous rug in rich wine or jewel colours can lift a room above the ordinary and ideally needs a plain background for the fullest impact.

Bedrooms really benefit from luxury fabrics. Choose the best quality mattress you can afford for the sake of your health and posture, then dress it in style with pillows, quilts and comforters in toning colourways for a beautiful co-ordinated effect.

Go For Luxe Lighting
Nothing alters the mood of a room as much as lighting so spend time getting it right. Uplighters bounce light off the ceiling avoiding the cold light of an overhead bulb. Table lamps create gentle pools of lighting, so choose elegant or modern statement lamps to heighten the effects.

Candles create the most luxurious feeling of all and work well in mismatched groups. Choose from elegant candelabras to sophisticated tea-light holders and lanterns for a real talking point.

You don’t have to spend a fortune on masses of luxury furniture to create a stylish and beautiful home that will have your friends and neighbours begging you for details of where you sourced your home furnishings. Just a little careful thought and planning will reap dividends when it comes to showing off your finished home to guests.

AUTHOR BIO:  Caroline Pritchard has spent over fifteen years working in interior design and now writes on the subject for a range of printed media, websites and blogs. Married with a young son, Caroline lives in London and enjoys searching for one-off items of luxury furniture to add to her collection.