The Space Heater Buyers Guide

Representing a great way to add more heating options to your home, space heaters can take several different forms, ranging from storage heaters to panel heaters, convection heaters and base unit heaters (to name a few). Space heaters are generally defined, though, by being placed on walls as an alternative to central heating, or through their use as portable heaters that can be placed in different parts of a building to provide extra warmth. When looking to buy a space heater, what are some of the things that you should be focusing on?

Different Options to Consider for Space Heaters

Primarily, it’s worth considering the range of different space heater options that you can choose from. For example, storage heaters are designed to be fitted into rooms, where they charge during one part of the day, and then gradually release heat the rest of the time to warm a room. In the UK, storage heaters typically charge themselves overnight using off peak electricity, and can be adjusted to switch themselves off when a room reaches a certain temperature.

By comparison, panel heaters offer slightly different appeals – they effectively work as timed radiators, releasing heat when switched on and set using a clock timer. The advantage to investing in panel heaters is that you can select when you want to use heating, rather than charging them up to get the greatest level of efficiency, as you would with storage heaters. Alternatively, you can look at convector heaters, which perform a similar role to panel heaters, but can also can be used in portable versions; you can also use base unit heaters as portable options, while alternating between convection heaters with fans, and radiating heaters that often rely on gas feeds.

Focusing on Safety

If you’re looking for a space heater, you should make safety your top priority; this means finding heaters that have sensors that’ll switch themselves off if they’re in danger of overheating; other heaters can switch themselves off if they tip over. Space heaters with extendable cords that can be safely run under carpets and flooring are recommended, as are heaters that come with digital programming timers. Having a thermostat fitted to a heater also means that it can reach an optimum temperature before switching itself off.

Whatever heater you invest in, you should remember to find ones that will be as safe as possible for use around the home – portable electric heaters should have easy to use handles for moving them around a room without the risk of burning yourself. Gas powered space heaters should also be thoroughly checked to see what precautions they have against carbon monoxide leaks and flammability.

Leading Brands

In terms of space heater brands to particularly watch out for, Dimplex are responsible for a wide range of different styles, which can be found online through stores such as Discount Electrical – Dimplex provide mini storage heaters, as well as standard ranges, and heaters with manual inputs. Some other brands to consider include Glen Grey, which produce manually operated convector heaters in compact designs, as well as DeLonghi for different types of storage and panel models.

Emily Steves blogs about health and safety in the home, as well as the best ways to set up your heating to save money. He’s recently invested in new panel heaters for his flat, and recommends looking at the Discount Electrical space heaters range.


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