Achieving Successful Home Decoration on a Budget


There is no reason why your actual home shouldn’t reflect the home of your dreams. There are ways to improve and modernise your living environment without breaking the bank. Here are a few helpful tips on decorating your home.

The Bedroom.

Your bedroom should be your sanctuary, where you go to relax. Your bedroom is your own, your precious space, so this should be decorated in way that you are passionate about. It goes without saying that this room should be comfortable and by just adding a few soft items here and there, you can achieve a 5 star hotel ambience. First of all you need to choose your bed linen. Consider the colour, material and size and make sure it doesn’t clash with your current interior decor. For a refreshing room use turquoise, lime and yellow bed clothing, or evoke passion with rouge, aubergine and rose. A quick and easy change is achievable as there are many different types of bed-linens available that aren’t very expensive.

The Lounge & Dining Area.

These two rooms will be the ones you use the most for entertaining guests, so you need to create a welcoming aura with an extra touch of class. The lounge is easily made into a friendly paradise by simply adding cushions for extra comfort. Throws are a fabulous addition to your living room; not only do they create a warm atmosphere, they protect your furniture from spillage, as we all know how hard it is to remove a red wine stain – no one needs to know that is why you’re using them!

The dining area should remain classy, simple and elegant, with muted tones and a limited colour pallet. Create an enchanting atmosphere with candles and add a little bit of brightness with metallic place mats. A cheap, simple, cream coloured table cloth with subtle embroidery is the perfect addition to really enhance your dining experience.


As the one place in the home where you can truly be alone, this should be the place where you give yourself ultimate ‘you’ time. A divine ambience of heavenly relaxation is easily created by simply adding fluffy new towels – cream works especially well for making your own spa-like paradise. A cheap bathroom rack is all you need for organising your shampoo, bubble bath and other products. Mirrors are a perfect way to give the illusion of space, especially if you have a small bathroom. There are many styles available on a budget, including oval, circular, rectangular or framed in a vintage style.

Consider ‘You’.

Creating your perfect home doesn’t have to bankrupt you. Consider your desired theme, budget and which rooms are the most important to you, then decorate them to your tastes. Cheap homewares are available; you just need to know where to look and know what you’re searching for. Remember, your home should reflect your personality and you don’t have to completely redecorate to modernise your home.

AUTHOR BIO:  Anna Mathews is a seasoned homeware writer and writes for an array of lifestyle and interior design websites. She loves to search for cheap homewares that really bring your home to life, such as the items found on maha home. Anna has been writing for print and online media for over 10 years.