Helping You Get on the Northern Ireland Property Ladder

Looking for a house can be a stressful experience particularly for the first time buyer. The internet has done away with much of the time wasting and shoe leather needed to look at houses. Now you can have as much detail as you need before you view.

If you are a first time buyer you will find that, particularly if you are looking to purchase in Northern Ireland, there are specifically designed websites to help you and others in your situation. Most new build homes are small and many are being built with the first time owner in mind.

1. What will you get
If you are a first time buyer looking for a house for sale in Northern Ireland you can expect to be paying anything from  27,500 to  150,000 depending on the area in which you wish to settle. There are more expensive properties on the market but with the wage situation as it is these will be way out of reach of most first time purchasers. The cheapest options will always be terraced houses in city suburbs usually with two bedrooms although there are a number of purposely created new builds targeted at first time buyers that are coming onto the market. Purchasing a house for sale in Northern Ireland is not always about the actual purchase; if this is your first property you also have to consider the resale market should you wish to move in the future.

2. Where to go
Living in the town or the country is a matter of choice. You would find an excellent house for sale in Northern Ireland should you wish to be in a more rural area. You will also probably get a lot more house for your money. But before you jump in calculate the commuting costs if you work in the city and the distance from all the major amenities. Country life may seem ideal but it is not for everyone and again reselling a country house will mean you are aiming at a more limited market. Whilst an apartment may be ideal if you are single or a young professional couple it will be no good if you intend to start a family. Moving house costs money so if you have any future plans bear these in mind when deciding the location of your house before you buy.

3. Help and support
It is always advisable before you start looking for a home to get some professional advice. Before you even start viewing a house for sale in Northern Ireland you should be aware of the mortgage you can get and what fees you may be likely to pay. Even the most excellent house for sale in Northern Ireland will be subject to a building survey so it pays to understand what may crop up when it is done and how it can affect your chances of a purchase.

AUTHOR BIO: This piece was written by Jaye Staddon a freelance writer with experience in the housing and mortgage market. She says; “If you are looking for a house for sale in Northern Ireland the internet is a good resource, you will find links to advisors who will help you find that excellent house for sale in Northern Ireland.”


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