Surface Preperation Tools for Staining a Concrete Slab


Surface preparation is regarded as the most vital step in acid staining. Before staining, a slab should meet the criteria mentioned below:

1. The concrete slab should not have debris, oils, dirt, drywall mud, stains and sealers. If these conditions exist then acid stains will not react in a proper manner with concrete.

2. If the slab is very old and is washed excessively, then the surface should be kept totally intact without any type of sand particles or exposed aggregate. It has been proved that concrete acid stain lacks the ability to stain rocks, aggregate or sand. Depleted concrete or exposed aggregate might give rise to acid stain in an irregular manner, react in weak way and generate color that is inconsistent with acid stain color charts.

3. The slab needs not be cleaned with a waterproof agent, but with a solution of heavy sodium phosphate or muriatic acid instead. The acid stain reaction does not take place on the surfaces which are treated with such products.

4. As far as glossy machines with troweled surfaces are concerned, one should apply a suitable solution by following the instruction mentioned on the label to ensure a total acid stain reaction over the floor. Before this, it will be better to test it by pouring water over the surface. If you find that the water beads and stays on the surface for over a few seconds, it indicates the requirement for hard troweled floor preparation.

In order to complete the surface preparation in the appropriate manner, one should contact the concrete flooring company in Florida. There are many companies in Florida which are involved in surface preparation tasks.

Tools Required for Surface Preparation

Apart from consulting a concrete flooring company in Florida, one should also make sure that this task is completed by using right surface preparation tools. There are different types of equipment required for this task. Some of the popular tools are mentioned below:

Surface Grinders: This surface preparation tool is mainly used for applications like cleaning or grinding concrete surfaces, making the uneven joints even. This tool is also used for removing mastics, high spots and urethanes.

Scarifies and Impact tools: This is another surface preparation tool which is used for tasks like cleaning, texturing and grooving of surfaces. Primarily this device is used for removing a bit of your surface. It is just like scraping a layer for bringing the next layer. Using these surface preparation tools will give rise to a lot of dust and noise; so a thorough rinse is required after the completion of the task. For a thorough rinse, one can use water jetting which will remove all the dust from the concrete surface.

Different types of blast cleaning techniques can be used for surface preparation. In order to remove dirt, laitance and oil, one should use sandblasting methods. Before using a sandblasting machine, check the hardness level of the concrete. Another type of blast cleaning is shot blasting. This method is used for cleaning concrete surfaces.

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