Customize Your Rental Home On a Budget


With the housing market the way it is these days after the global recession; more and more people have found themselves renting their home as opposed to paying a mortgage. This scenario often leaves tenants with the misconception that they can’t change anything inside to suit their preferences. This however is not the case as there are many ways one can modify the rental property they are living in without having to do anything too drastic. You can completely change the appearance of a room in the simplest of ways. Here we take a look at how this can be achieved without breaking the bank or anything else for that matter.

One of the most dramatic changes can be achieved by changing the lighting aspects of a room. Old fashioned, dim, single bulb lamps will make a room look gloomy and lifeless. You can improve on this by changing the shades initially but if you feel even more adventurous, you could direct light fittings to the corners of the room to make the light project at different angles. More complex work should ideally be performed by a qualified electrician.

Storage is often a problem with many apartments and it’s very easy to succumb to the clutter and general untidiness that comes with small areas. If you have a place with high ceilings, then you can potentially utilise space behind cupboards or kitchen cabinets without anyone but you knowing what’s up there.

Any room can be bland due to its lack of colour but you don’t have to reach for the paint tins and roller to inject a little excitement into your interior space. The extra colour you crave can be achieved by utilising floor length curtains which you can usually be fitted without any permission from your landlord. If you don’t like curtains then why not go for classy Roman shades or trendy screen printed sheets. It’s easy to colour coordinate these fittings with ornaments and furnishings bought from any high street shops at affordable prices.

Bathrooms can be given a makeover with ease by changing bathmats and shower curtains. You can also blend in your linen by purchasing luxury towels which can be placed on attractive chrome holders. If you don’t like chrome, then go for perhaps stone towel hooks which can create a very classy feel. Try adding some bathroom furniture such as a stool to make the whole room feel welcoming and spacious.

Just about every room can benefit from the use of accessories. You can achieve subtle improvements by choosing various pieces of art work to place on the walls. You can choose this option to really make the apartment your own. It doesn’t matter if your landlord won’t allow you to hammer in nails as you can utilise adhesive picture hanging strips which are very easy to fit. In much the same way you can also put up some mirrors which tend to create an illusion of space and light to an otherwise dreary room.

You can also change the appearance of your living room as and when you please by using a different selection of throws for your sofa and chairs. Nothing could be simpler.

So it seems that living in a rental property, rather than restrict, can in fact enhance the possibilities available to you. It allows you to be creative and use ideas which you may never have considered if you were the actual property owners!

Sidney Michaelson writes for Design55. She loves spending time re-arranging and organizing her home, believing you can never have too many soft furnishings.


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