6 Easy Ways To Make Your Entryway Beautiful And Functional


What room did you spend the most money on? It might have been your kitchen because fancy appliances and units don’t come cheap. You also have to spend quite a bit in order to make your bathroom, bedroom, and living room look nice. You’ve probably spend a huge amount of money and I’d like to know if you spent any on your entryway?

Your entryway is where people will develop their first impression of your home. It should look great and it doesn’t even cost a lot of money to make it happen, so you have no excuse. Here are a few easy ways you can impress people as soon as they walk inside your front door. These changes will be very easy to implement so look into them straight away.

Hang a big mirror on the wall

When people are ready to leave they will want to know they look great before they step out of the door. They will really appreciate having a mirror in front of them. If you don’t want a big mirror you could still hang lots of small ones close together. It looks amazing, especially if they’re against a dark background. If they all have different frames they will stand out even more.

Fill your wall with artwork

If your entryway is full of beautiful artwork it will draw people in as soon as you open the door. Most people love looking at a lovely painting because it makes them feel great. It doesn’t have to be a painting because any type of artwork would do. A fabric scroll that goes from the floor to the ceiling is a perfect example. Just choose anything that will make someone’s eyes open wide.

Leave a nice desk by the door

You should put an antique desk as close to the door as possible. It doesn’t need to be too expensive, but it should look nicer than one you would pick up for a few dollars. The reason you want it there isn’t just because it will look great. It will also be very handy if you need to remember to take something outside with you because you can leave it on the top of the desk.

Paint the stair risers

A lot of people don’t care about their stair risers and they are usually left white. There is nothing wrong with that if you want them to blend into the background, but if you want them to stand out you should try painting them a vibrant color. They will be very noticeable from now on and they will greet anyone who walks into your home.

Hang a chandelier

The entryway will look great if you hang a chandelier from the roof just above head height. If there are any giants in your family it might not be such a good idea, but if everyone is of average height you should go for you. The reason why you don’t want it to be so high is because it will take away the visual effect a low-hanging chandelier will create.

Use a whiteboard

If you hang a whiteboard on the wall you will be able to write notes on it every morning. It’s a great way for families to remember important things that are usually forgotten. When someone asks you to pick something up from the supermarket do you always remember? If you check the whiteboard every time you leave home you will be reminded of everything.

It won’t cost a lot

If you want a beautiful, functional entryway you now know how to make it happen. I’m sure you can see that nothing we’ve spoken about will cost you a lot of money. Can you think of anything else you’re doing right that we’ve not covered?

Today’s guest author, Brad Rogers, is a technician at NYCity Blinds, a dealer for blinds and drapery in New York City, USA. When he is not working, he is seen gardening in his front yard.


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