5 Garden Pitfalls That Will Make Your Home Less Attractive To A Potential Buyer


When someone is thinking about selling their home they are only concerned with what is on the inside. The garden is a big part of any home and it’s important you take it into consideration. If someone doesn’t like your garden it’s unlikely they will want to buy your home, so let’s look at some of the things that will make it a lot more unattractive to a potential buyer. If you can avoid all of these pitfalls there is more chance you will get a fantastic price when you eventually sell the place.

It shouldn’t be too fancy

I would think very carefully about how fancy you want your garden to look if you plan on selling it in the near future. You might love spending hours and hours planting beautiful flowers, but not many people will feel the same way. Sure, they will obviously want their future garden to look pretty, but they might not want to hire a full-time gardener to take care of everything. If they neglected the garden it would look horrible, so think very carefully about how easy your garden would be to look after.

Water could cause trouble

Do you have a big swimming pool in your garden? What about a big pond full of fish? If you have a water feature in your garden you have to accept your home will be difficult to sell. Families with small children don’t want a garden that is unsafe. They won’t be able to let their kids play outside without supervising them at all times, so maybe it would be better to drain the water away and fill in the hole. If you don’t you might need to wait longer to find a buyer.

Having people over

When the sun makes an appearance it means people can invite their friends over for garden parties. Hopefully there is a lot of empty space in your garden because some people like to fill up every square inch of theirs with useless junk. Will someone have enough room to erect a temporary shelter people can stand underneath? Is there a nice place to set up a barbeque? If everything is squashed into your garden you should try to get rid of the things you don’t need before anyone views your home.

People like grass

Most people like to lie outside in the summer and they’re not too keen about lying on concrete slabs. Children prefer to play on grass and they don’t hurt themselves when they fall down. A green garden also looks so much better than a concrete jungle. It’s easy to take the grass away when you become fed up with looking after it, but not everyone is as jaded as you and they want grass. Don’t rip it up if you plan on selling your home because it might affect the price you get.

Does it get a lot of sun?

A garden that is hidden from the sun doesn’t have the right to be called a garden. It should be called a dungeon instead because that is what it feels like when you’re hidden from the sunlight. People love trees, but they also want to feel the sun on their face when they go outside. That means you might have to get someone in to shave the excess branches off your trees. Either that or you can maybe have a few of them cut down if there are lots of them.

Can you see it now?

You maybe didn’t take any of these things into consideration, but now that we’ve looked at them in more detail I’m sure you can understand why they would scare people away. Make sure your garden is perfect before you put your home on the market and your life will be so much easier.

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