Make Your Dining Table Look Dazzling With These Original Table Mats


Dining tables are pieces of furniture that should never look dull, since they represent the place where people spend wonderful moments with their loved ones. Family gatherings are pointless without a consistent dinner to bring all members together. That’s why your dining table should never be overlooked, as it’s probably analyzed by every guest who enters your home.

While it’s obvious that you cannot replace your dining table every year, there are some tricks you can use whenever you want to change its appearance or hide some of its defects. All you have to do is change the table mats, and your dining table will definitely look dazzling every time you have guests. Table mats can be very original, being one of the reasons why you should make sure that you have several sets at home. In case you run out of ideas, take a look at the table mats described below, and choose whatever model you think fits best with your requirements.

Striped Table Mats

These table mats match all types of wood and can totally change the appearance of your dining table. The stripes can be made out of several colors, being the ones that provide these table mats with a modern look. Striped mats will definitely make a good impression and most people love them because they compliment all types of interior home decors.

Cork Leaves Table Mats

Cork leaves have a unique shape, which makes these table mats the perfect choice for people who enjoy being surrounded by symbols of nature. Cork leaves table mats make you think about autumn, especially if their color is yellow or ruddy. These table mats will definitely be appreciated by your guests, as they will make them bond easier with nature.

Patterned Paper Table Mats

It may sound unusual, but patterned paper is actually a great option when it comes to table mats. Let your imagination run wild and provide your dining table with a touch of color by printing all types of colorful patterns on sheets of paper. These table mats can be used at parties, or can be even laminated and used several times. It’s up to you to decide what type of pattern suits your dining table best.

Wallpaper Table Mats

If you want to make use of your imagination, these table mats will definitely gain your attention. Everybody keeps the remaining pieces of wallpaper, in case something happens. However, only some people know that pieces of wallpaper can be glued together on their backs in order to create innovative table mats. If you want to make sure that your wallpaper table mats will last longer, you are advised to have them laminated. This way, not only that they will last longer, but they will also be easier to clean.

Bead Table Mats

These table mats are a perfect project for families with children, as they will definitely be a challenge to them. All you have to do is provide them with a peg board and teach them how to arrange Perler beads on it. Once they manage to create a unique design, you are advised to cover it using ironing paper and iron it on its both sides, in order to make sure that the beads are fused together.

Chalkboards Table Mats

These table mats are unique, being the perfect option for families with children. Besides, they are the perfect excuse for arranging the table in the way you want, as the name of each participant is written on a single table mat. Children will certainly fall in love with this exquisite idea, especially if they are at that age when they learn how to write and spell.

Cork Table Mats

Wine enthusiasts can start collecting bottle corks, as they can be used to design some amazing table mats. If you use your imagination, the corks you have wanted to throw away for a long time can be used to create something extraordinary, using only an ordinary hot glue gun. Those who want their cork table mats to have a checkerboard pattern are advised to glue the corks together in pairs lengthwise, and use them to create alternating vertical and horizontal alignments.

Burlap Table Mats

Who would have imagined that burlap table mats can look so chic on a dining table? Besides, they are also very easy to make, the first step being to cut the burlap into squares. Once you’ve done this, you can fridge their edges and use some thin ribbon in order to sew their perimeters.

Just imagine how much you can change the aspect of your dining table if you use different table mats every day. Your guests will be surprised by your creativity, while your family gatherings will definitely be a success.

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