Wooden Furniture – Sort The Rough From The Smooth


Using wood in your interior design can add an extra dimension of texture. This is an article examining the types of wood that are popular and how they can be used to create interesting visual effects.

When it comes to interior design, there are some elements that are always popular. Wood is a classic choice for furniture and accessories as it is available in a broad range of colours and textures and brings a lovely organic, natural feel to your home. Whether you choose small wooden ornaments or take advantage of excellent timber garage door prices, there are a number of exciting ways to use this most enduring material.

Where Can You Use It?
The simple answer is just about anywhere. Wooden tables are a firm favourite in kitchens and dining rooms, giving a charming country feel to the space. Alternatively, have wooden dressers, chests of drawers and bookcases in a living room. You can even use bold wooden furniture in the bedroom. How about a carved sleigh bed for a focal point with real impact? Wooden panelling in a hallway or bathroom can look especially effective, paint it in pale shades for a charming New England feel or simply coat with clear varnish to enjoy its natural beauty. Smaller wooden accessories can also be very attractive. Elaborately detailed beside tables, ornate mirror surrounds or even wooden photo frames are easy to include. Wooden screens decorated with paint or fretwork make an unusual addition to a room, in addition to granting extra privacy. The amazing durability of wood makes it suitable for use outside, too. Wooden shutters are a wonderful addition to your home, or take advantage of excellent timber garage door prices to enhance the appearance of your exterior.

Which Wood Is Right For You?
Wood is a beautiful material that comes in a wide choice of natural colours. Pale woods such as beech and white ash have a light, airy contemporary feel. This makes them the ideal choice for tables and dining furniture, especially in a modern kitchen. Cherry wood has a lovely rich red tone that brings a touch of warmth to your furniture. Oak is a classic choice as it perfectly complements almost any colour scheme. Pine is a fabulous option if you are on a budget. Not only is it fantastic value but can be easily painted or stained in any colour you wish. For a more traditional look, choose a darker wood such as walnut, ebony or even mahogany. A long dining table crafted from woods like these makes an imposing and dramatic centrepiece to any room. You could even embrace the current trend for salvaged and reclaimed goods as bleached driftwood looks particularly striking when included in home decorating.

Use wood in a variety of ways to add interest and texture to your home. Whether you want a mahogany dining table, some pretty carved accessories or to install a timber garage door prices are varied enough to suit any budget. With so much choice, there is something to suit every requirement.

AUTHOR BIO:  Sam Miller is an interiors expert who writes for a range of home and lifestyle websites. She enjoys shopping online for great home bargains such as impressive timber garage door prices.