7 Amazing Upgrades That Will Make Your Home Much Easier To Clean


Everyone would love an easier life, so why don’t you give yourself one? There are a few things you can do if you have the money to make some home improvements. All of these ideas mean cleaning up will never be the same again. You will save a huge amount of time each week which can be spent relaxing with your feet up. Are you curious to find out what you’ll need to do?

Go with smooth countertops

When you have tiled countertops they can look nice, but they are a pain to keep clean. It’s a lot harder to get inside all the grooves. Why don’t you think about fitting smooth countertops when you decide to upgrade your kitchen? If you use a large slab of quartz, granite, or stainless steel you won’t have any grout to scrub every time you go to clean up.

Fit an undermount sink

When you’re wiping all the mess off the countertops you don’t have anywhere to put it at the moment, but that will all change if you fit an undermount sink. You will be able to drag everything straight into the sink and it will cut your cleaning time in half. If you want to go one better you could fit an extra sink, and one could be used for prepping while the other is used for cleaning up.

Put a linear drain in your shower

When you have a small drain hole in the center of your shower you will need to fit small tiles in order to help the water get away. Just like the tiled countertops it’s a lot harder to clean up once you’ve showered. If you fit a linear drain along one side of the wall it will allow the water to get away much easier as the floor will be slightly slanted, plus it will enable you to use bigger tiles which means less grout to clean inside.

Central vacuum system

If you install a central vacuum system you will be able to clean your home much more thoroughly. You’re probably wondering why it’s better than the one sitting in your cupboard, so you’ll be pleased to know it’s up to 4X more powerful. It will also vastly improve the air quality inside your home which is something a lot of people don’t think about because they can’t see all the dust in the air.

Sealed flooring

Your kitchen floor is one of the hardest areas to get clean. Everyone walks across it with their muddy shoes and you drop lots of food onto it. Sometimes a wet mop doesn’t do the job because there is so much grout that the crap can get into. A concrete floor with a protective sealer on top would have minimal seams and your wet mop would clean everything up in no time.

Lay wooden flooring

What is the most time consuming job you have to carry out every week? You must spend the most time going around vacuuming the carpets in every room. If you had enough money to lay wooden flooring it would help you move from room to room much quicker. Lay some carpet tiles over the top of the wooden flooring if you still want a few carpeted areas.

Move your laundry room

If your laundry room is at the back of the house you should move it upstairs. You will take off your clothes in the bedroom or the bathroom. I don’t know anyone who strips down in the kitchen. You will save yourself a lot of hassle if the washing machine is inside a closet at the top of the stairs. It also means you won’t leave clothes lying around because you’ll only be a few steps away from the laundry room.

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