Get Ready for Summer with Essential BBQ Equipment


Summer is upon us and it is the time of year when households and outdoor catering establishments like to fire up the BBQ. Nothing smells nicer in the summer than meat browning on the BBQ and nothing tastes better either.

A great tasting BBQ needs the right equipment

A good BBQ needs the right equipment otherwise you could be looking at some unsightly charred remains, not good for a family backyard party and definitely not good if you are a catering business looking to make sales throughout the summer. Gas BBQ’s are popular and reliable and Calor does a fantastic range to allow you to cater for all sizes of groups. They also provide BBQ gas at competitive prices.

Gas BBQs are convenient and you can still achieve a good smoky taste from a gas BBQ as well as a charcoal one but with a gas BBQ you will get almost instant heat, no waiting around for 30 to 40 minutes to reach the correct temperature! This is great for catering businesses that might have a rush of customers, followed by a lull in trade. A simple push of the ignition button and you are almost ready to cook. A quick cooking time also means it is easy to cater for large groups.

A greater degree of control

Some types of gas BBQs can also come with adjustable heat output and a number of gas burners, giving you much more control over the cooking process and the ability to control different levels of heat for different types of food. Accompanying warming racks and side burner allow you to keep cooked food warm and ready to serve at your convenience. Side burners are also great for cooking sauces and other side dishes. BBQ’s with flip up side tables give you even more room to get your food ready.

A gas BBQ is easy to clean as there is ash to clean up. Some damp soapy water and cloth will ensure it looks like new again. Some even come with a one touch cleaning system and drip trays conveniently catch drips of fat which once they have accumulated and reached a flash point, they burn off. Flashing the dripping quickly prevents flare ups and allows wonderful smoky aroma to emanate from the BBQ.
British Thermal Units indicate the volume of gas a BBQ can burn. A BBQ which uses fewer British Thermal Units will cook more efficiently. Any catering business should look to purchase their BBQ equipment from a reputable company as they will offer excellent after sales support, including help lines, replacement parts and a long warranty.

Your BBQ should feel solid and secure, without wobbling on a flat surface. A porcelain enamel finish will make it easy to clean and look after. The cooking grates should be heavy and thick to last longer and distribute heat more efficiently. Above all your BBQ should be sturdy, easy on the BBQ gas, easy to light and control the heat, easy to clean and has handles which stay cool and has a high level of safety features.

AUTHOR BIO: Kevin Moffat writes regularly on catering and catering equipment for a range of catering and product websites and blogs. He recommends Calor for a wide range of BBQ gas.