Top 10 Fundraising Tricks for Local Charities


Fundraising Ireland conference 2011Do you own or volunteer for a charity that works locally rather than regionally or nationally? If so, you need to approach your fundraising from a different way. There are great ways to advertise your local charity and raise the money that you need. Here are 10 tricks to garner donations from the people and businesses in your community:

1.Host a Dance

Come up with a great theme and host a dance. You can have a 70’s theme, a 50’s theme or even a head-banging theme. Make sure that each of your volunteers attends and encourages their friends and family to do the same. Spend your money on an excellent DJ and ask for businesses to donate food, drinks and door prizes in return for some free advertising. You can sell the tickets for $5 to $10 to raise money for your group.

2.Social Media

You are doing your charity a disservice if you haven’t yet established a presence on social media. Setting up a page is easy; keeping it running is not so simple. Plan to check in and update your content at least twice a day. Keep content fresh and light, and give your followers an easy way to donate to your organization.

3.Strategically Placed Flyers

Flyers can work wonderfully or they can be a complete waste of your money. The key to using flyers to garner donations lies in where you place them. Hang them in businesses where they would make sense. For example, if you run a dog rescue, hang flyers in pet stores, veterinary clinics and animal shelters.

4.Car Wraps

You may not get every volunteer to wrap their car, but you can convince one or two to do it. Custom-made car wraps are a fantastic way to advertise your local charity every time you leave the house.

5.Newspaper Articles

It’s true that people don’t read the newspaper like they used to, but they do read the online version. Contact your newspaper and discuss having an article written about your charity. Newspapers like to include feel-good, local stories amid all of the chaos. Don’t wait for a reported to contact you, especially if you’re holding an event soon.

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If you take part in local events, fairs and festivals, your charity shouldn’t be without a custom-printed banner. No one should have to ask what or who you represent while you’re at a public event. A banner hung along the front of your table or at the back of your booth will tell everyone exactly what you stand for.

7.Golf Tournament

Golf tournaments are a great way to raise donations for your charity. Get local businesses to sponsor one hole a piece and charge a fee for players to participate. You can easily raise thousands of dollars if you advertise properly.

8.Bottle Drive

If you have a local recycling center that pays for cans and bottles, hold a drive. Announce the drive in the local paper a week or two ahead of time and then have volunteers go door-to-door collecting cans and bottles. Turn them in and keep the money that you raise for your charity. You may also want to consider collecting newspapers and other goods if they are accepted by your local recycler.

9.Offer Services

Everyone needs a little bit of help now and then. Why not have volunteers offer their services? Spend a weekend mowing lawns, shoveling driveways, or being handymen. Charge $5 or $10 for your services and put the money to good use for your organization. If you advertise well, you’ll be sure to get more people who request your services.

10.Sell Seasonal Items

Whether you participate in a local craft fair or sell pumpkins in the fall, seasonal items sell well. If your volunteers have the room, have them grow items in the garden to sell at the end of the season. Host a farmer’s market in the community as a fundraiser.

If you want to receive donations from people in your community, you’ve got to both put the word out and get involved. People are more likely to donate to local charities when those charities are involved in the community at large. Look for ways to show your faces; you’ll be surprised at how much money you can raise.

Amy Chandler is a guest blogger for You can follow her on Twitter @DBPamy.