3 Great Solutions That Will Solve Your Messy Garage Problem


You know there is something seriously wrong when you want to cry as soon as you walk into your garage. Every time you go in to find something it takes you forever because everything is scattered about the place. I bet you’ve forgot what it looked like when you first moved in because it’s looked like a warzone for so long. Maybe you should do something about it before it’s too late, but what should you do? Help is at hand because we’re going to look at a few things right now.

Add something onto your garage

You’re not the only person who wants a bigger home, but you could be one of the lucky ones who doesn’t have to move to get what they want. You might be able to add square footage to your home by making your garage bigger. Is there enough room to double its size by building onto the side of it? Some people even add a second story and it gives them a lot more living space. If you’re not one of the lucky ones you will have to do something else.

Turn it into somewhere else

You can always take what you’ve got and turn it into somewhere else. Unless you spent your life savings on your car I doubt you’ll care much about having to leave it on the street. That means you can now do whatever you want with your garage after a quick renovation. Remember that it can be fitted with the same comforts you have inside your home: plumbing, heating, phone wiring, etc. The hardest thing is deciding what to do with the place, so maybe we can look at some examples.

A guest apartment

If you have a lot of guests staying over you can turn your garage into a guest apartment. Their room will come with its own en-suite bathroom, so it means they will have a little more privacy. They will also be free to come and go as they please without having to trail through the main house.

A home office

You might need a nicer place to work because the kitchen table isn’t cutting the mustard anymore. Once you kit out your garage with new office equipment you will love it. You’ll probably get more work done and you won’t secretly wish you were doing something else.

A man cave

Nobody in the world has every regretted setting up a man cave. If you’re a woman you can have one too, but you just need to change the name. It’s the perfect place to listen to music or play videogames when you want to get out of the living room for a while.

Become more organized

Your garage might just need a proper clean out. The reason it looks so bad is because you don’t know how to organize anything. Open your garage door and take everything outside if the weather is nice. Get a piece of paper and draw a plan. Where do you want everything to go? Decide what you don’t need and throw it away. It’s just taking up space and you will feel better when it’s gone. Then you can put everything back inside carefully, and try to keep it neat and tidy from now on.

Just do something

You need to do something because you can’t keep living with a messy garage. If you have money you should definitely think about adding on an extension or converting it into a completely different room. If you just plan on throwing out your junk and reorganizing the room you can start right now. The sooner you get it done, the better you will feel.

Today’s guest post is written by George Allen, who is currently working with Australiana Garage Doors. Writing about his work is his passion and he enjoys sharing new and innovative tips on home improvement. As an avid reader, he continuously strives to gather new ideas and knowledge.


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