A Few Rules for Playing the Dating Game Successfully


Dipping your toe in the pool of dating can be an intimidating first step, but if you keep yourself safe and remember to keep your nerves in check, you could find someone you really click with.

What are you looking for?

Being single can be fun if you are happy with the situation, but it can be tiresome if all you want is someone special to spend your time with. Unless you are supremely confident, dating will almost always stir up your insecurities and make you feel as though you are being judged, so it pays to remember what you are looking for from the process. If you want someone to have some fun with, spending time enjoying shared interests or discovering new hobbies together, then it takes the pressure off the first meeting and allows you to relax a little. If you want someone to accompany you to social functions, be good company or just stop you from feeling like you are always turning up to events on your own, then you can find someone who is sociable and a good conversationalist to accompany you.


Most people who want to start taking their social lives seriously will start with one of the online services available, many of which offer varying levels of subscriptions in order to access details of other members who may be compatible with you. These services use a variety of criteria to match couples to one another, including basic ones such as age and stated preferences in a partner, plus more complex ones, which include interests, beliefs and long term life plans. Often, you will be served a large number of provisional matches and you can then filter out those who don’t appeal, whether that’s because of their profile pages or just because you don’t find them attractive.

Be Safe

If you do decide to meet someone from an online service, it is imperative to keep yourself safe and ensure that you make your arrangements known to friends or family members. Many people choose to meet for a drink or lunch in the first instance, rather than committing to a longer date or an evening that might be harder to manage if it turns out you don’t get along. Arrange to meet somewhere public   going to someone’s house is a risk you definitely don’t want to take   and set a time limit for the meeting in advance. If you get along really well and both want to spend more time together then that’s ideal, but if you find every minute dragging, then you know how long you need to wait before you can make a dignified getaway.

The main thing to remember is to be optimistic and think of every date as having the potential to be the person you are looking for. If you arrive with an open mind and determined to make the best of each meeting, then you might just find someone you want to spend some time with, either as a friend or a partner.

AUTHOR BIO: The Author writes about dating and relationships for a number of websites and online publications. She has helped individuals find london escorts for a variety of different occasions, from business dinners to wedding receptions.