Top 4 High-Tech Gadgets for Dogs & Dog Owners


Pets are precious to their owners and you want your dog to get the best care available. There are several gadgets that are designed to give you the pet owner peace of mind so that you are sure that your pet is safe whether you are near it or at work. These high-tech gadgets for dogs and dog owners are easy to use and they are listed below:

Pet Cell-
As the name suggests, this is a cell phone that is designed for dogs. It is a bone-shaped cell phone that is usually attached to the dog’s collar. This device is water proof so if your dog goes into water the phone does not get damaged. How does the pet cell work? When you buy this cell you will get a unique number through which you can call your dog. It rings one time and then the dog will be able to hear your voice through a speaker on the collar piece and bark. When the dog barks you can hear it on your phone and know that it is safe. This enables you to communicate with your dog throughout the day.

The Pet Cell can equally be used as a tracking device in case your dog gets lost or strays away from you or home. It has assisted GPS so that using any device that is connected to the internet you can track the dog and find its location. However this only works indoors. Other features of this dog cell phone is Geo Fence which alerts you when your dog strays, temperature sensors which will alert you when your dog is feeling too hot or too cold and a small wireless camera through which you can monitor the activities of your pet.

Global Pet Finder-
This device is designed to give you peace of mind. It is a GPS transmitter that you stick on your pet’s collar and the GPS system will let you know where your pet is the whole day. The system sends messages to your phone if your pet strays from designated areas. This will help you to locate the pet in case it gets lost.

Pet Master-
If you are always forgetting vet’s appointments or when to get your pet new supplies; you should buy a Pet Master. This is an electronic PDA which allows you to schedule your dog’s appointments, to do list, shopping list and other pet related activities. This will help you stay organized so that when a vet appointment is approaching or when pet supplies are running low then you are aware as an alarm will go off. It also has a pet database so that you have plenty of helpful information and even what to do in emergencies. If you are out of town, Pet Master can help you locate vet clinics and pet friendly accommodation which can be a really helpful tool.

Dog Doorbell
This is a doorbell with a dog paw pad that your dog can use to activate the door chime. It is wireless and remote controlled. You can teach your pet how to use it so that it can alert you when it wants to go in and out.

Every pet owner wants to ensure that their dog is safe and secure at all times. While this is not always possible, so you can use these high-tech gadgets for dog and dog owners.

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