Three Reasons Not To Kill Your Garden Spiders


From ancient times, spiders were feared, worshipped and mentioned in ancient legends, proverbs and even urban myths. Remember that saying that allowed us to kill a spider in the morning but never in the afternoon or evening? Have you ever heard about the psychoanalytical symbolic interpretation of dreaming spiders? And how about the myths and legends about the beneficial effects of spiders and spider webs on our personal fortune, meteorological forecast or even a death prediction?

Spiders are not the loveliest creatures in the world, admittedly, but they are not the most evil ones either. And as far as good luck and money go, we still don’t have irrefutable proof that spiders can bring such spectacular fortunes, it is quite documented that having spiders in your garden is a good thing.

1. Spiders eliminate aphids
Some consider spiders themselves as being nasty pests and they are more than willing to destroy their webs when they see them, but as pest control natural prevention measures go, keep in mind that spiders feed on aphids, one of the most dangerous pests a garden can meet. Not all spiders build webs we can see and remove. Some hunt at the soil levels, while others hide in the bushes, helping your beautiful flowers to grow healthy and strong. Just as the ladybugs, spiders are beneficial insects for flower or vegetable gardens. If you really have a deep disgust feeling about them and you wish them all dead by default, try to overcome the fear and the bother and don’t harm them.

2. Spiders feed on pests
It is true that a spider may not be the best neighbor a ladybug can have, even if they both are residents of your garden and share the same responsibility of pest control experts. But statistically, having spiders in the garden means you will have less mosquitoes, flies, wasps and even other insects that feed on your beautiful flowers and vegetables. Spiders don’t discriminate when it comes to their food and can live quite happily under stones, in dark corners or deep in the leaves of a bush. But if you do like your garden crickets, beware, as the spiders feed on them too. It’s not necessary to grow some horrific web network looking like Miss Havisham’s backyard, but sometimes it is a good idea to save the spiders some places where they can enact their powers from.

3. Spiders bring you new friends
Just as the spider kills pests, it is also food for birds and especially for some singing ones. Of course, spiders are a true delicacy for frogs and lizards, but if you don’t have the exact environmental conditions for these animals to show up, you will have to do with the flying sopranos. The Blackbird is especially fond of spiders and it will give you a hand to eliminate some of them if you too believe they are too many.
So instead of crying and screaming and voluntarily kill your garden spiders, remember that even if they are not so pretty like the ladybugs, they are useful. And who knows, maybe some legends are true and they bring luck and good fortune to those who appreciate their presence…

Author Bio: Anna Mathews is a seasoned homeware writer and writes for an array of Gardening and interior design .

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