5 Tips to Know Whether It’s Time for Roof Replacement


Your roof plays a very vital role in protecting your home and your belongings. But it has a lifespan and it will need replacement after some years. For Sydney residents, roof replacement in Sydney can easily be done by reputable roof specialists. You may contact them if you observe any of the warning signs outlined below.

Neglecting the replacement of your roof can have several adverse effects. First, your drywall could get damaged. Then the carpeting could be ruined. A leaking roof could also cause mold to grow and ruin some of your belongings.

Failure to replace a damaged roof early could cost you additional expenses due to the extra damage it may cause. So, to help you to know when it is time to replace your roof, here are 5 valuable tips you should carefully read and apply.

Check for Large Amounts of Moss

A large amount of moss on your roof is usually an indication that it should be replaced. Moss damages roof shingles. Its roots penetrate into the shingles and tear them apart. After the roof shingles are pulled apart, water starts to seep into them gradually. Eventually, they could be torn into pieces.

This article can help you fight moss on your roof.

Look Out for Dark Spots in the Attic

Take a regular look in the attic to determine the condition of your roof. If you come across any damp areas, water spots or dark spots, it means that your roof is damaged. Some of the causes for this include, worn out flashings and underlays or rain water blown in by wind.

Observe Any Darker Spots on the Roof

Look out for areas of your roof that are darker than others. The presence of very dark areas could mean that granules are being knocked out of the shingles and they need to be replaced. The granules form the protective coating that shields the asphalt from damage due to sunlight. Shingles that have lost granules should be replaced immediately because they will eventually wear out very fast.

Search for Cracked or Curled Shingles

Shingles that have expired can easily become curled. Some will also have cracked surfaces. This is because the sun has slowly destroyed the asphalt layers on the shingle. So it has caused the shingle to shrink and curl. If such shingles are not replaced, they could be taken up by wind and be blown away.

Are There Any Missing Shingles?

Finally, you should also look out for missing shingles. If you find that some roof shingles have been blown away, it definitely means that it is time to replace the roof. The roof has expired.

It is better to get the entire roof replaced rather than try and replace just a few shingles. Most of the old shingles will eventually start coming off because they have reached the end of their useful life.

Those are a few useful tips that you can apply to determine when your roof needs to be replaced. If you observe any of the signs of highlighted above, you should contact a reputable roofing company that can handle roof replacement in Sydney.


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