Want To Know What Is Going On Inside A Burglar’s Mind?


Do you ever wish you could read a burglar’s mind? I’m sure most of them are lacking in intelligence so it’s not like there would be much to learn, but it would definitely help you protect your home. If you knew what they were thinking you would know why they choose a particular house. Let’s try to dig deep inside their mind to see if we can figure them out. You will soon know how to prevent your home from becoming a target.

“I don’t see any footprints”

It’s been snowing for the last few days and every time a burglar walks past your home they will notice the lack of footprints in the garden. They will automatically know you must be out of town and your home is completely empty. They’ll be glad you didn’t ask your neighbor to come over and walk around for a few minutes because they wouldn’t have been able to tell you were away.

“You have a nice toilet”

A burglar has been inside your home before. It was two weeks ago and they were working as a contractor for a building company. You didn’t see them because you were out. When they went to the bathroom they opened a little latch on the window, so when they eventually come back they will be able to get inside easily. They hope you didn’t go around checking all the windows after the workmen left.

“I like your glass door”

When someone has a glass door it means a burglar can walk up and look inside. They obviously won’t be able to see clearly because it’s not that kind of glass, but if the security company has fitted your control pad close to the door they will be able to see if it’s switched on. If your alarm isn’t on they will be able to break in without anyone noticing.

“My kid has that toy”

It’s dangerous leaving toys in the garden because a burglar will be able to tell whether or not they are expensive. If you leave expensive toys in the garden there must be even more expensive toys inside. Even having beautiful flowers is a dead giveaway that you have nice taste. They will know the inside of your home will look like the inside of a pirate’s treasure chest.

“Do you think I’m stupid?”

Burglars think it’s funny when people try to hide things inside their sock drawer. They actually find it quite insulting when you hide anything right under their nose because they know you must think they are stupid. Burglars check everywhere and not just the usual places. They will definitely throw your socks and underwear about to find what they are looking for.

“You’ll never know who I am”

Burglars walk around with a clipboard and they knock on peoples’ doors to ask them questions. They might even have a tool in their hand and you will think they are a gardener. They definitely don’t wear orange jumpsuits so you will never be able to tell they are a criminal. They shave and wash like normal people, so they just look like one of us.

“I’ll break your window”

Don’t think a burglar is scared of breaking your window because they won’t think twice about it. What do you do when you hear a loud noise? You probably listen closely to see if you can hear it again, but when you don’t hear more noise you assume everything is fine. A burglar will smash a window then they won’t need to make more noise because they will be able to get inside.

Don’t be scared

You’re not supposed to be afraid because you now know how vulnerable you might be. You should take what you’ve learned to today store it inside your head because it will help you protect your home in the future. From now on you should start thinking outside the box because that is what a burglar will do.

Author Bio: This post was written by Jonas Smith; he is an employee of AAA Satellite and he is dedicated to his work. When he is not busy offering CCTV camera systems to clients, he likes to blog about his work and life experiences.


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