How to Transform Your Floors into an Eye-Catching Focal Point


Often times homeowners place special focus on their walls, decorations and organization and while all of these are important aspects to a home, what about your floors? They are the most used object and yet, many people completely ignore them. Let us show you a few ways you can get those floors looking fantastic, creating an overall inviting experience. Who says floors cannot be focal points?

Match Your Design Dream

Everyone has some sort of ultimate goal for their home, and if you’ve taken the time to make everything from your kitchen counter to your beautifully crafted drapes match then why not spruce up your flooring a bit? If you are on the lookout for something that is not only going to add color but also extreme durability that can handle everything your family throws its way, then concrete may be the solution for you. Many of you may be wondering how anyone could possibly make concrete work in that type of space, but concrete doesn’t have to be dull and boring. Not only can it be polished to shine beautifully with the colors you’ve selected for the room, but it can also be painted and stained to your liking. To make it stand out even more, you can even use stencils to create designs that are uniquely your own. Marble countertops blend wonderfully with this type of material, but these types of floors speak for themselves.

If wood floors are more up your alley, consider reaching for wide planks, as they are going to instantly catch the eye of anyone who walks into the room. While there is additional upkeep to consider, wood is great when it comes to spills and is extremely easy to keep clean – let’s not forget about how nice it feels underneath your feet. We love concrete and wood because no two homes can have the exact same style. Carpet, on the other hand, isn’t as variable and tends to hold a lot of dirt, which isn’t exactly optimal when living a busy lifestyle with children and pets running around.

Using Technology to Your Advantage

These days, just about anything you can imagine can be brought to reality. Since floors are not simply floors anymore, but can be turned into pieces of artwork, it’s important to get the most out of them. Have a room in your home that seems a bit cramped but you’ve already done everything possible to make more space? There’s one thing you may have forgotten and that’s letting your visitors see a bit more of your floor. One easy way to do this is to place furniture in the area that is lifted off the ground. You may want to do this by swapping out the current feet on your chairs or couches or by getting rid of those pieces that are low to the ground and bringing in brand new seating.

Just seeing those little bits of additional flooring here and there makes for a much fresher and inviting space. Another great way to appear to have more room than you actually do is by incorporating a glass table into your design. Keep that baby clean and not only do you have more display and storage space, but you’ll also have a wonderful new focal point. Don’t be afraid to rip up those carpets, get rid of those wood floors and experiment with your different flooring solutions. Take on the project one room at a time and we’re certain you will be pleasantly surprised by what you find. Home decorating is a learning experience and without a bit of experimentation, you may never know the full potential of your home.

James Smith works as an interior designer at Geocrete. His firm is a leading provider of polished concrete flooring services. He has expert understanding of the polishing process and has revealed some interesting facts about it in this article.