Top 5 Uses for a Conservatory


Adding a conservatory to your home can be an excellent idea; they can extend the existing space you have, and can provide you with extra storage, as well as options for conversion into a bedroom and living space. At the same time, a conservatory can be used as a utility room, as a space for pets, as somewhere to grow plants, and as your own personal gyms. These uses represent only a few of the many approaches you can take to designing your conservatory, where investments in decor and fittings like high quality conservatory blinds can make the difference when it comes to privacy and comfort.

1 – Living Space

It’s possible to make your conservatory an extension of the living space from the rest of the home; with larger conservatories, this means fitting sofas, beds, desks, and tables to a conservatory. If properly heated and insulated, a conservatory can act as a spare bedroom, and can also be decorated with televisions and other gadgets to give you options for adding value to your property.
2 – Utility Room
If you’re not going to be spending a lot of time relaxing in one area, it might be worth using your conservatory as a utility room. This can mean installing a washing machine, dryer, and freezer, and clearing space for boxes, tools, and garden equipment. However, your aim shouldn’t be to fill your conservatory with clutter, but rather to have a dedicated space that you can keep tidy yet still practical.
3 – Space for Pets
People that struggle to find somewhere safe to put pets at night can benefit from using a conservatory. Dogs and cats can be kept outside the main part of the house overnight, with heating used to make sure that it’s not too cold. Baskets can also be used, with a conservatory acting as a space where making a mess isn’t going to be as problematic as when pets live and sleep in your living room.
4 – Green House
While not technically representing full green house, your conservatory can still act as an excellent solution for growing plants and a kitchen garden – direct sunlight and the opportunity to fill up a space near to the garden means that a conservatory can be a good place for putting down plants, and for growing small vegetables and items like basil and other herbs. You can also use conservatory plants to improve the air quality in your home, while extending a landscaping scheme from your garden into the rest of your home.
5 – Gym
A conservatory can act as a solution to finding somewhere where you can exercise indoors while still keeping an eye on children. The space and the natural sunlight of a conservatory means that you can enjoy exercising in a bright and open area. Conservatories can similarly enable you to play music while you exercise without disturbing other people in the house. Privacy blinds for your conservatory can also mean that you can work out in peace.
Anna Mathews is a freelance writer with an interest in home decoration and gardening. She recommends using Conservatory Blinds 4 Less if you want to add new fittings to your conservatory.