Five Common Yet Expensive Mistakes You Should Avoid While Buying A Pool


The wonders a pool can work for any house doesn’t need much emphasis. But like most awesome parts of a home, buying a pool too is quite a big decision. Therefore, it’s important that you make the right one. And one of the important things that will help you in the same is- having a good grasp of what mistakes to avoid…

1)   Overinflated expectations

Everyone wants a pool that not only looks good by itself but also makes their house look like something for the royalty. This is what leads people to install over-the-top pools and thus make probably the biggest mistake of their life. Overshooting the realistic levels of expectations can lead to scrapping of the whole project altogether. The most important thing to do is set a specific budget and then to stay within that budget no matter how tempted you are. Don’t go for a high-end temperature controlled pool with an underwater bar when you only have the space and budget for a koi pond. The whole situation can leave you in quite a tricky fix.

2)   Not identifying the purpose

Knowing the “why?” helps you identify the “which?” Just randomly buying any pool without due consideration can lead to a massive waste of time, space, money and manpower. The moment you figure that you want a pool the first thing you should do is write down the reasons why you need it. Pick the best of it all and take it to the pool builders. Most homeowners think that any standard pool works fine, all that needs to be done is cut a few corners. What you forget is that different safety measures work for different types and sizes. For instance, you can’t have mood lighting for a pool that’s built for physical therapy, the same way you can’t use faux waterfalls and spa jets in a kiddie pool.

3)   Not understanding the contract and warranty

Call it excitement or blind faith, overlooking the finer details of your pool contract and warranty, can turn out to be one of those things that come back to bite you in the backside much later. Every useful warranty should cover the basic things like structural integrity, equipment stability and plumbing efficiency. Also figure out what is NOT included in the warranty, like discoloration of the fiberglass, chipped concrete etc. Clear the air about how much financial coverage is provided for malfunctioning parts or anything else covered.

4)   Choosing the wrong builder/developer

This is as bad as choosing the wrong type of pool; actually, even worse. Many developers rely on the fly-by-night policy, where they hire temporary workers to finish the job within no time. And if not that, they hire amateurs while they promise you professional treatment. Most homeowners take this bait because well, it either promises to be a quick job or it’s easy on the pockets. However what you need to understand that there’s always a heavier price to pay for cheap service. There’s minimum to zero consideration given to vital factors like safety, aesthetics and dexterity. There’s only one solution to this problem: RESEARCH.

5)   Financial shortsightedness

Agreed, that when it comes to money, every detail and aspect deserves equal attention. But, looking at only what’s in front of you than the bigger picture can prove to be a very shortsighted move. Look beyond the price tag. Paying for pool installation isn’t the end of the story. There are maintenance costs that continue even after everything is done and over with. Things like filter systems, cleaning systems, safety features, accessories and maintenance of the same takes money. So as much focus as you’re putting on the direct costs, you have to pay even closer attention to the ownership costs.

Author Byline

Jake Tyler, the author of this post, is a part of the team at Aqua Right Pools which provides maintenance and repair services for swimming pools in CT. In his spare time, he likes to play with his kids or indulge in writing blog articles.


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