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Hawaii, you have got to be kidding, I lived their 25 years and have seen it all,  and have struggled  every year to get ahead while I was there. How is the quality of life rating not associated with if you can’t afford your rent which in Hawaii is a joke, a slum would cost you more than most houses on the mainland, to buy a gallon of milk at $6.00, or a cucumber for $2.50, or celery for $3.50.

It cost more to make a salad then to buy a steak in Hawaii, and you cannot buy a head of lettuce for a flat rate it is weighed by the pound.

I had to have two jobs while living there, almost all local families all live together, that includes the parents, their middle-aged children, their babies, grandma and grandpa and aunts and uncles, that is the truth as they cannot afford to rent or purchase homes. If you want to visit your family on the mainland you better have some substantial savings in your bank account as airfares to the mainland are outrageous, especially to the east coast, and this is quality of life you are talking about.

There are so many homeless now in Hawaii it’s unbelievable, Hawaii is a welfare state with some of the highest amounts of its population on government and state assisted programs in the nation.

When the tourist see all the homeless down on Waikiki Beach, they are shocked. This is not the Hawaii it used to be and it’s only getting worse. The city and county government are absolutely some of most corrupt in our country; remember after 25 year I have seen it all. They have had to replace the liquor commissioner at least 4 times in a 10 year period due to all the pay offs in the strip clubs and illegal gambling and drug dealing. Talk about strip clubs, more per capita than any other state in the union, yes they are everywhere even in Waikiki. Most are run by older Asian woman called Mamma San’s, there is a very popular one directly across the street from the Hawaii Convention Center I kid you not, and there are about 15 more within a mile from there, no kidding, and they are not topless bars they are full nudity. Do you know how many politicians, policeman, and other city authorities have been caught in these places over the years, it’s become a joke, the FBI has been called in numerous times to investigate the HPD and the city of Honolulu, just check the records.

The drug problem, especially meth or ice as they call it in Hawaii, are at epidemic proportions, the drug related crime is astounding. If you visit Pearl Harbor you better not leave even a dollar in your car as they will break your windows to get it, just read all the signs in the parking lot warning all the tourist about how bad the crime is, and not to leave anything in your car, pretty bad for a military base to have these kind of warnings.

If you’re a white tourist you are fine as you are keeping the locals employed, if you are a white resident or (Haole) you are not fine as you are taking jobs from the locals and that is a big no-no.

You will be called names, threatened, harassed, I know because it has happened to me and my friends. My friend worked for the state and he never saw such lazy and jealous people in his life.

When he got promoted for doing a better job than his lazy co-workers all of whom were local, they called him names, threatened and harassed him. He actually had to file a grievance with the union chief

I could go on and on but if anyone in their right mind thinks this is a good quality of life, then I moving to Iraq.


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