Obamacare and the Arrogance of Liberalism

134391 600 Obamacare and the Arrogance of Liberalism cartoonsArrogance is like a cancer. Once it lodges itself in the heart and mind, there’s not much you can do as it begins to permeate the entire body with an inordinate sense of self-worth, significance, and position.

Lucifer understood this firsthand after becoming so enamored with himself he believed he was co-equal with the Creator. He lost his grandiose gig and earned a one-way ticket south to spend the rest of his days slithering around trying to entice mankind to join him in his misery.

Contemporary Liberalism is headed for the same fate as it elevates itself to unnatural heights, having nowhere but downward to fall. Policies like the Affordable Care Act (Seriously?), i.e. ObamaCare, highlight the arrogance of liberals who promote themselves to a place of superiority, telling us what we need and then redefining those needs as a “right.” Life is a right. Liberty is a right. Pursuit of happiness is a right. Healthcare is not a right.

ObamaCare teaches us that liberals don’t believe in true freedom or unalienable rights. Nor do they think we are smart enough to make personal decisions. Instead, they pervert the Constitution and misuse governmental authority to coerce us to do what they say is good for us. And then exempt themselves from their own laws.

They tell us to “move on, it’s the law of the land.” From lofty thrones they call those who speak out against ObamaCare “anarchists.” With that logic, those who opposed once-legal slavery were also anarchists. Legality is not license for stupidity — unless you are a liberal.

Is it not the height of arrogance that liberals do not label as “anarchists” the crybabies attempting to repeal another law of the land, Citizens United? Their actions condemn them.

A trip down Memory Lane: Remember when global warming soothsayer and former V.P. Al Gore was caught with his lights on in 2006 when his 10,000-square-foot Nashville home used 191,000 kilowatt-hours of energy? According to Nashville’s News Channel 5, that same year the average Nashville household used about 15,600 kilowatt-hours.

Hypocrisy incarnate: Liberals love to spend time demonizing rich people and calculating how to spread their money around. That is, unless you’re talking about their money. According to Roll Call, seven of the ten richest members of the 112th Congress are Democrats.

Number 13, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), badgered 2012 Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney to release his tax returns, but refused to do the same when McClatchy News asked members of Congress to release returns the same year. Incidentally, Romney had a higher tax rate than John Kerry did the year before Kerry ran for president. Secretary of State Kerry is Number 2 on the “rich” list.

Wasn’t it Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA), who said during the 2009 Baucus-Grassley jobs bill fight that it was her belief “that tax credits only go to people who are making money, and they generally keep it”? As Number 9 on the list, Feinstein didn’t get there giving all her money away.

As surely as the sun rose and fell today over the white-capped Alaskan mountains I now call home, liberalism will fail. In the meantime the rest of us are charged with spreading truth and speaking with our vote in 2014 and 2016. Anything less is arrogance.

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4 thoughts on “Obamacare and the Arrogance of Liberalism

  1. Republicans are fools. Canada and Australa, for example, do this stuff just soooooooo much better. Funny how candidates on both sides in US politics are always on the upper end of the income scale.

    • Seriously,
      Australia, UK, much of the EU have much better health care and health costs are lower than the US. and all these countries have some form of Medicare/Obamacare-on-steroids.
      Ask just about anyone living in those countries.

      Sure there’s always something to go in to battle on but this is not one of them.

      • I am an Australian. Thank God we have free health care with universal access. This is funded at 1.5% of taxable income. Access to public hospitals and in many cases no fee at the General Practitioner (family doctor). No it doesn’t cover dental. We also have private health cover on top of this which those on middle incomes need to take out – or pay a little more tax. I happily do – at about US $3500/year for top cover – not linked to employment benefits. The system is not perfect though it is incredibly better than the US system – I say this with great respect for the USA – but its just the truth. Ironically the whole premise of Breaking Bad was that Walt White went into the drug business because his health insurance wouldn’t cover chemotherapy. In Australia the public system would have fully funded all of Walt’s chemo – any hospital stay, all doctors etc etc etc. Of interest the USA spends way more per capita on health care but leaves tens of millions without adequate care. You do have a public funded school system (as do we). I am curious why doesn’t seem to be the same anxiety over funding this??

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