Pot Smoking Draws Fire From Tenants, Landlords in Colorado


smoking marijuana in colorado
Coloradans who think that the state’s recent legalization of marijuana now makes it OK to fire up a joint at home might be in for a shock. If they’re renting, they might be subject to a crackdown by landlords and protests from fellow tenants. Denver station KUSA already reports a flurry of contacts from renters in that state who are irritated by their neighbors smoking pot and, as seen in the video below, quotes an attorney from the Apartment Association of Colorado as saying that he’s been fielding calls from landlords as well.

Attorney Vic Sulzer told the TV station that Colorado’s Amendment 64 — legalizing the possession and use of a limited amount of marijuana — is “not going to change anything” as far as landlords’ rights are concerned: It’s up to them if they want to allow their tenants to smoke marijuana on their property. “A landlord’s lease has a provision that prohibits whatever landlord wants to prohibit,” Sulzer told KUSA. As AOL previously reported, that includes growing marijuana too.

In states such as California where marijuana use is permitted for medical reasons, landlords can prohibit the use of the drug for that purpose on their property. And despite what states may sanction, marijuana is still classified as an illegal substance under federal law, and is also subject to the same kind of local ordinances that now apply to smoking tobacco.




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