Buyers and Sellers Continue to Flock to Social Media to Facilitate Real Estate Transactions

By Keith Loria – When social media sites like MySpace, Facebook and Twitter took off, they were used to create lists, send fun messages and reconnect with old friends over things like music, family and love. Today, the sites are used for just about anything and many buyers and sellers are taking to various social media platforms to help facilitate a real estate transaction.

Today’s tech-savvy homebuyer would rather get a glimpse of the home they’re interested in than be told facts about the property and space itself, therefore, creating videos, posting photos and uploading quick snapshots of your home on social media sites is important to the home-selling process.

Here are some of the most popular social media sites and how they can help someone buy or sell a home.

Instagram: This free photo-sharing platform has more than 100 million users and its star is clearly on the rise. Buyers looking for a home in a particular neighborhood can use a hashtag of the town to find photos of homes for sale and also see photos of the community. This is a great way to see if the town is what you truly imagined. For sellers, Instagram can be used to get staging advice through photos in addition to giving them a chance to see what other sellers are doing to attract buyers. The site can also give homeowners—or even potential owners—ideas on what to do in their new homes, such as renovating kitchens or adding French doors.

Pinterest: Just like Instagram, this site is dependent on visuals, with over 12 million people and businesses “pinning” photos to its pages. Sellers can get decorating ideas from houses that have sold and use the site to pin dynamic photos of their own home that can be linked to its listing. Not only can buyers look at great snapshots of each home they’re interested in to determine if it’s truly worth their time to go see it in person, they can also check out interesting photos of the area.

Twitter: This social media platform is a great place for agents to let their network of followers know about any upcoming open houses, price drops or anything associated with your home. This allows people to check things out very quickly and may give a house hunter on the fence a reason to reconsider. Buyers can use the site to keep tabs on chatter about a particular neighborhood or to follow agents who may provide information about homes, mortgages or developments in the real estate industry.

Facebook: For those looking to buy a home, letting your network of friends and followers know you are seriously house hunting can lead to finding the perfect agent, learning about houses for sale in neighborhoods close to those you love and provide an avenue where you can get advice on the best lenders, appraisers and other professionals needed when purchasing a home. Sellers can also use the site to let their networks help spread the word about their newly listed home. They too can get recommendations from people about those who have helped them sell in the past.

To learn more about utilizing social media to buy or sell a home, contact our office today.

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